DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 42/2007 (Dec 3, 2007)
Terrestrial HDTV in Great Britain. Great Britain, the European leader in implementing newest television technologies, will provide open-access high-definition terrestrial TV broadcasts.
The UK television broadcasters - BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five, and the market regulator - Ofcom, have introduced a new concept of digital terrestrial TV development. It intends that the Olympic Games 2012 should be available in HDTV resolution from terrestrial transmitters.
From among the 6 multiplexes that currently distribute digital terrestrial programs in Great Britain, one will be designated for this new technology. HDTV broadcasts are to be transmitted in new standard - DVB-T2, which should be approved in 2008.
DVB-T2 uses, among others, MPEG-4 AVC compression, QAM modulation, and MIMO technology. The standard is to be backward compatible with DVB-T, to enable the new receivers to receive DVB-T programs, but the currently used equipment will not be able to receive DVB-T2 broadcasts.

Implementation of HDTV in terrestrial TV systems can reverse the trend of migration to satellite reception. By the way - the latter may be a problem - e.g. in London, where in many buildings it is not allowed to install dishes on elevations.
Antennas in "City of God". There are few pictures from the "City of God", because only few photographers have the courage to penetrate this area at the cost of the equipment or even their lives. The people living here do not obey the laws of the country, and the police patrol the grounds from helicopters only. The alleys are too narrow and steep for the squad cars, and no one will send foot patrols there. Each intervention of armed police or army units means a full-scale war. The only law is the law of the jungle - it is survival of the fittest. If there is any doubt who is the boss, the gangs quickly "clarify" this issue among themselves.
"City of God" is situated close to the port called "River of January" - where is it? - the answer in the end of the issue.
In "City of God" satellite dishes are made of wire mesh, which makes them more resistant to winds. It is especially important in the case of so large size.
SATKurier.TV - a trailer. From 18 - 20 October 2007 took place this year's edition of digital TV exhibition - SAT Krak. Here you can see the video from the exhibition. It is only a foretaste of what is to come with no. 12/2007 of the SAT Kurier magazine. The subscribers of the magazine get a DVD with report from the event, SAT Krak 2007 gala (the prize-giving ceremony), and fragments of the conference. The DVD is granted only for current (2007), and the new subscribers of the monthly for 2008 (the due date is January, 15).
The editorial staff of SAT Kurier is making preparations for running thematic program - SATKurier.TV (the DVD is only a trailer)
Moisture-resistant cable - TRISET-11 PE Total Cu. TRISET family has a new member - TRISET-11 PE Total Cu E1029. The inner conductor, foil and braid are made of copper, which allows to use the coaxial cable in wet environments - there is no risk of corrosion due to presence of water, typical for aluminum. The cable is protected by PE (polyethylene) sheath. It is used for relatively long trunk lines (of SMATV/MATV/CABLE systems) and for interconnecting subnetworks, especially when the cable has to be buried in the ground. Of course the cable has to be protected against mechanical damage.
The TRISET-11 Total Cu, similarly to the whole TRISET family, is characterized by perfect shielding (better than 100 dB) and high return loss (20 dB on average).

To complete an installation professionally, there are needed proper connectors. For the TRISET-11 PE Total Cu we recommend watertight crimped F connectors E80275 and crimping tool E80077.
Coaxial cable (75 ohm): TRISET-11 PE Cu 1.65/7.2/10 [100m]
75 ohm coaxial cable TRISET-11 PE Total Cu 1.65/7.2/10 E1029
Ferguson HF 8800 HD and HF 8900 HD - HDTV receivers. Ferguson HD - HF 8800 HD A99359 has been equipped with two CI modules and universal smart card reader (e.g. Cyfra+ card works in Canal+ HD). Alphanumerical display, as well as HDMI connectors and SPDIF output ensure high functionality - possibility of connecting to any home theater, plasma or LCD. The user can program up to 5000 TV and radio channels, and create own groups of programs - favorites. Seven programmable timers allow to set the receiver and its functions according to own preferences.
Ferguson HF-8900 HD A99360 has all the features of HF-8800 HD, and additionally two USB ports (one on the front, the second on the rear panel), allowing easy connection of external hard disc or flash memory. The USB 2.0 interface enables the user to record programs, including HD broadcasts with digital surround sound. Programming capability allows the user to record favorite broadcasts automatically. The recordings can be archived and played back on a PC.
View of the receiver HF-8900 HD+USB A99360
Cable TV - how to connect several televisions. Cable TV networks usually utilize all available band: 5-862 MHz. The home amplifier has to have one input and cover the whole band (TV channels, FM band, and - using cable modem - the return channel).
These requirements are fully implemented in AI-223 R90452, with return channel, built-in splitter, and a specific gain adjustment. Its standard gain is 25 dB - adjusting this parameter the user at the same time equalizes characteristics of the coaxial cable (attenuation of cables increases with frequency). That's why the adjustment range at 86 MHz is 15 dB, and at 862 MHz only 10 dB.
In the case of using cable modem, it is essential to employ the multimedia diplexer ZSDZ-2. It is impermissible to omit this item!
75-ohm terminating resistor in F plugSurface outlet: Satel GAR-BG-DK (end-of-line)Broadband Amplifier with Return Channel: Alcad AI-22375-ohm terminating resistor in F plug6-way Tap: Signal O-6-16dB (5-1000MHz)
Online posting of MPEG-4 images from Pixord devices. There is available now source code for posting on a website live images from the cameras Pixord P405 K1133 and P405W K1134.
The code should be modified by entering the address of IP camera. After configuration, the code should be pasted into an appropriate location in the HTML code, to situate the image in a concrete place.
An advantage of these Pixord cameras is the fact that they use for this purpose MPEG-4 compression, which ensures much smaller stream that the MJPEG typically employed for the same task in DVRs. This feature allows to make the images available to a larger number of visitors. Previously, such online streaming has been available only in the cameras P400 K1131, P400W K1132, and K2131 video server.
Download - Pixord bookmark.
Wireless MPEG4 IP camera Pixord P405W K1134
Expansion of city monitoring system based on analog technology. Below we show the way of developing analog CCTV system. To utilize analog monitors in the monitoring center as well as DVR with free channels it is recommended to expand the system using analog cameras by employing IP devices. Due to transmission parameters and potential for the future, the K1214 cameras are really good choice. The transcoders K2412 allow to make use of the existing monitoring center.
This concept enables the trustee to further develop the system towards digital monitoring, on the base of IP transmission. Additionally, aside from live monitoring and recording the data in the monitoring center, the system allows remote access to the cameras via PCs.
CCTV Digital Video Recorder: AVC777 (16 channels)System Control Unit: KB-2000-3AIP Speed Dome Day/Night Camera: ACTI CAM-661 (MPEG-4)MPEG-4 Video Transcoder: ACTi SED-3320MPEG-4 IP Speed Dome Camera IPS-200Day/Night Speed Dome Camera TPOWER-S2Day/Night Speed Dome Camera TPOWER-S2Day/Night Speed Dome Camera TPOWER-S2Day/Night Speed Dome Camera TPOWER-S2
Expansion of analog CCTV system - based on IP cameras K1214/K1215 from ACTi
CCTV and IT infrastructure. In locations where there is a computer network system but no CCTV cabling, we can utilize free pairs of UTP/FTP cable for distributing analog video signal from cameras. There are needed several simple devices only: LTR-2 M1703 and TR4/4 M1667. The diagram below shows the application.
How to connect myself to WLAN and share it on my wireless home network? This task can be performed by using dedicated device with two independent wireless circuits, but it is rather expensive solution. The same can be realized by set of two wireless devices - one working in Access Point Client or WISP mode, the second - as Access Point.
DIPOL offers TP-Link TL-WR543G N2955 - to be set in WISP (Wireless Internet Service Providers) mode, and TL-WA501G N2940 - AP distributing Internet connection in the home. The TL-WR543G N2955, thanks to built-in router and 4 LAN ports enable the users to connect several computers via patch cables.
Access Point: TP-Link TL-WA501G <br />(AP/APC/WDS 2.4GHz, eXtended Range)Access Point: TP-Link TL-WR543G - eXtended Range <br />(router &4-p switch, WISP, 2.4GHz)
Diagram showing TP-Link TL-WR543G N2955 in WISP mode. To distribute the connection wirelessly, one needs an AP - this task can readily be performed by TL-WA501G N2940.
Brazil. The pictures come from Rio de Janeiro (River of January). The name "City of God" comes from the film with the same title - it was used for describing "favelas" - the slums and shanty towns. There are about 600 such places in Rio de Janeiro. In the fifties, they housed in about 7% of the city population, now it is ca. 20%.
U-cam 110 M1128 - CCTV camera equipped with SONY Super HAD sensor with resolution of 420 TVL and increased sensitivity - the category winner.