DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 7/2008 (Feb. 18, 2008)
The future of DVB-T - how HDTV services are perceived in the UK. DTG (Digital TV Group) - a group of producers, broadcasters and consumer organizations active in the scope of television - has prepared a document that reveals weaknesses of the potential introduction of HDTV services in the UK, on the Freeview platform. DTG recognizes the adoption of "unfinished" DVB-T2 standard for transmission of HD broadcasts as premature, especially that it would require exchange of the receiving equipment used by the viewers.
The group suggests debate over a national HDTV strategy embracing all TV platforms - satellite, IPTV, DVB-T (or DTT - Digital Terrestrial Television), and cable.
Last year, TV broadcasters - BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five, and Ofcom - the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, outlined proposals for developments of terrestrial HDTV. They intended that the 2012 Olympic Games would be covered by HDTV transmissions available from terrestrial transmitters. It would require to reserve a frequency band needed for the multiplex using DVB-T2 standard (that should have been accepted by the end of 2008). The band might be provided by "digital dividend review" - from the spectrum which will be available after digital switch-over (when analog TV transmissions cease in 2012).
The DVB-T2 broadcasting standard uses MPEG-4 AVC compression, QAM modulation, and MIMO transmission technology. It should be backwards compatible with the current DVB-T, so that the new devices will receive DVB-T/MPEG2 broadcasts. Unfortunately, the DVB-T/MPEG-2 receivers will not be able to receive DVB-T2 programs.
Other European countries face similar problems, and some of them seem to overtake the UK - French terrestrial viewers will be able to watch the Beijing Olympics in high definition this summer.
Sharp contrast - where is it? One of the most beautiful domes in the world and broken antennas... The characteristic form and Arabic ornaments - so somewhere in the Middle East, but what about the snow? So, where has the picture been taken? The answer is at the end of this issue.
Somewhere in the Middle East, but what about the snow? The answer is at the end of this issue.
(Photo by P. Kulawinski)
Ferguson HF 8900 HD - PVR satellite receiver. So far in many countries, including Poland, HDTV broadcasts are only provided by satellite operators. To fully utilize the features of HD televisions, the users buy satellite receivers with HD capability.
We see a growing popularity of PVR (Personal Video Recorder) receivers that allow to record satellite programs on HDDs.
The HF 8900 HD sat receiver from Ferguson family fulfills all requirements for modern receiving equipment. It has been equipped with HDMI and component outputs for connecting to a big-screen television.Two USB 2.0 ports placed on the front panel enable the user to connect external HDD or flash memory.
The PVR allows to record all broadcasts, including films in HD, in full digital quality, with multi-channel surround sound. Due to timer the user may create a schedule.
Ferguson 8900 HD records the video with "Tp0" filename extension. There are in the Internet file converters that change it into more popular formats (AVI,MP4). The recorded films are not encrypted anymore - no smart card is needed to play them back. The maximum file size for the employed FAT32 file system is 4GB, which limits a single HD record to about 40 minutes. In the case of a longer piece the system creates next file. During the playback the jump will take about one second (short brake). There are recommended external disks up to 200 GB (larger capacity of the disk may slow down communication via the USB).
The receiver has been equipped with universal smart card reader (UCAS) and two CI interfaces for implementation of next two modules.
Professional protection of antenna system and receiving equipment. Even when the weather forecasts indicate a probability of thunderstorms, not many people think of the risk for their equipment nor take the simplest precautions like pulling out the antenna plug. In many cases some parts of the system cannot be easily disconnected, being placed in closed installation boxes, e.g. head-ends, multiswitches, or simply - mounted on the ceiling or high on the wall (modern flat panels).
The problems can be solved by application of well-proven surge protector - Signal R48602. Using the device the installer demonstrates his professionalism and a real care for the customer's money - its price makes only a small fraction of the cost of possible damage caused by a storm. The device can be operated in the whole TV/SAT frequency range. It can take over surges up to 8000 A.
TV-Sat Surge Protector: SIGNAL (F-plug/F-socket)
Signal surge protector (R48602) - an ideal device for everyone who cares for their TV and satellite equipment
Gas/petrol stations - why they cannot be run without IP CCTV. Nowadays they are practically 100% self-service stations. That's why video surveillance system is indispensable - covering the gas/petrol pumps, cash desks, shopping area, car wash, compressor etc. The video has to be recorded and stored for some time (data archiving). The necessary cabling is usually installed at the stage of building the station or the complete refurbishment. An alternative can be implementation of a wireless system, especially in the case of cameras. Wireless cameras can also be employed as the complement of the existing system - to improve its functionality. Wireless technology allows to build a completely new system or extend the existing one without ground works or stopgap solutions.
The example application is shown in the diagram below. Inside the building there are employed the cameras P400 K1131. Outside the building - over the pumps and on poles - the P428 K1136. All the cameras have been connected via a switch.
In the case of bigger stations (larger number of IP cameras), we recommend to use cameras without WiFI modules, and professional wireless equipment operating in 5 GHz band: Raptor N2538 base station and Raptor N2532 client stations.
In the building there has been installed managing server using free software (P6032) provided with Pixord cameras. Due to IP technology it is easy to connect the installation to the Internet and control the system from any remote location (usually from a monitoring center).
Omnidirectional Base Station: RAPTOR RPT-12BO - (5GHz, 802.11a)MPEG4 IP Camera: Pixord P400PoEOutdoor Wi-Fi AP/APC: RAPTOR RPT-19APN (5GHz, 802.11a)Outdoor IP Camera: PiXORD P428
Wireless monitoring system for a gas/petrol station
Video surveillance system in Myslenice near Krakow. The murder of the owner of exchange office and his son, committed a year ago, shocked the residents of Myslenice. Several days after the assault they organized Silent March to protest against violence and these tragic, unnecessary deaths. The major of the town set a 100,000 PLN (ca 28,000 EUR) reward for the help in catching the murderer/s. Thanks to the initiative of other owners of currency exchanges and some inhabitants, the total sum amounted to 175,000 PLN. The decision about building a monitoring system was made after the police had caught the perpetrators and decided not to accept the reward. The money was used to fund part of the costs of the system.
In the town there have been installed 14 cameras connected wirelessly via access points that work in 5 GHz band. A special wireless trunk has connected the municipal police department and the police headquarters, to ensure adequate number of observation posts. The trunk collects the data from the cameras deployed in multiple locations around the town.
The system consists of ten high-speed PTZ cameras ACTi CAM- 6621 K1215, one day/night speed dome camera EyeView IPS-200 (MPEG-4), one day/night speed dome camera TPOWER-S2 (analog) M1222 with ACTi SED-2140T video server K2114, and two fixed day/night MPEG-4 IP cameras - ACTi CAM-5320 K1115. Due to day/night cameras the video surveillance system operates well even in low light. The speed dome cameras from ACTI have many useful functions, such as powerful optical zoom (23x), digital zoom (12x) - possibility of identification of car license number from 400m, mechanically switched IR filter, very wide dynamic range (no problems with strong lights, reflections or sunshine).

The installation has been done by Arndex company from Myslenice, the equipment has been provided by DIPOL from Krakow.
Video surveillance system in Myslenice
  • MP - Municipal Police
  • RP - Relay Point
  • CPS - Central Police Station
These are not toys anymore - CCTV compact cameras. New capabilities of compact cameras allow to use them for various purposes:
a) new construction solutions:
  • AI (auto iris) lens - possibility of using in variable light conditions,
  • lens with adjustable focal length - possibility of optimal framing the image without a need of changing the lens or the camera,
  • collar separating the lens and IR diodes - elimination of "self-blinding"
  • additional protection against physical damage to the cable,
b) solutions improving image quality in various environments:
  • modes of operation: DAY/NIGHT, AUTO; B/W; COLOR - in AUTO mode there is possibility of defining switching threshold between COLOR and B/W mode and hysteresis loop (to avoid snowy image),
  • ELECTRONIC SHUTTER - AUTO (recommended) / FLK / FIXED (1/50 s, 1/120 s, 1/250 s, 1/500 s, 1/2000 s, 1/5000 s, 1/10000 s, 1/100000 s),
  • BLC function - backlight compensation - possibility of defining the areas and compensation level,
c) solutions providing enhanced functionality
  • MIRROR - possibility of applications in cars, trucks, trailers - as a rear-view mirror,
  • PRIVACY - possibility of masking some areas of the image,
  • MOTION detection - signaling the detected movement.
Outdoor Color Camera: VF-515 IR
The VF-515 M11279 camera is one of the top models - with all the functions mentioned above
How to set OSD cameras? Application of DSP (Digital Signal Processor) allows to enhance the array of camera adjustments, without limitations of the previous mechanical switches and potentiometers. The cameras are usually configured through the OSD (On Screen Display) menu. In field conditions it is indispensable to employ a mobile monitor.
DIPOL offers MIG-29 M3104 - 3.5" TFT LCD service monitor.
An ideal tool for the setup of modern CCTV cameras - 3.5" TFT LCD service monitor: MIG-29
What is DDNS? If we wish to run a server for website hosting or accessing CCTV cameras, available from any Internet location - and we don't have a static IP address but a dynamic one supplied by DHCP server (e.g. ADSL service) - we have to use DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System).
DDNS server provides a database containing relations between domain names and numeric addresses, which may be updated on request, by the domain owner. Thanks to this feature, the server is available in the domain name regardless its current IP address.
We have to remember that when DHCP server changes the IP, it takes some time to detect this change by the client software or router. Then, after the notification has been sent to DDNS server, it takes another minute or so to send this piece of data to DNS server to update the database. As a result, our server will be periodically unavailable up to several minutes - every time the IP address has been changed.
To use the service one has register at a DDNS server, e.g.:
It is also needed to have a router capable of sending current IP address to the DDNS server. From the TP-Link offer there may be used access points with integrated routers and ADSL modems, like TP-Link TD-W8910G N2901 and TD-W8920G N2903, or routers with ADSL modems - TP-Link TD-8840 N2905 or TD-8841 N2908.
More about DDNS service can be found here.
DDNS in action
How to share ADSL connection. The TP-Link TD-8841 router has been designed for sharing Internet connection in ADSL Annex A technology. It has been equipped with built-in ADSL modem compatible with ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+, 4-port switch, and USB port. The WAN port is simply RJ11 connector that is linked directly to the phone line. The device can operate as DHCP server.
The TD-8841 router can be managed via any Web browser, or with enclosed TP-Link software.
External ADSL (annex A) Router: TP-Link TD-8841<br />(4p switch, USB) - CLEARANCE SALE!
Sharing of Internet connection provided by ADSL tchnology - application of the TP-Link ADSL (Annex A) router - TD-8841 N2908.
The set contains all the items needed for normal use of the phone and installation of internal LAN.
CCTV course - Wroclaw, March 3, 2008. We invite everyone interested in "How to set up a CCTV system - a short course for beginners" (held in Polish).
The participants will learn about how to make their own CCTV systems.
More information.
Jerusalem - Dome of the Rock. The temple on Mount Moriah - or - Temple Mount (Al-Haram al-Sharif), recognized as one of the greatest works of Islamic architecture.
Raised on the rock where, according to the Bible, Abraham was ready to offer his only son Isaac to God as a sacrifice. According to Koran, it was the firstborn son Ishmael, the father of all Arabs. It is also believed that from the rock Muhammad ascended to the sky where he met all the prophets who had preceded him, witnessed paradise and hell, and saw God.
In January 2008, after two days of snowfall, Jerusalem was completely snowbound.
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Color CCTV Camera: U-cam 110 (without lens)
u-cam 110 M1128 is one of the best-selling CCTV cameras. It is equipped with SONY Super HAD image sensor with increased sensitivity, supporting 420 TVL resolution, which makes the camera unrivaled in its category.