DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 18/2008 (May 12, 2008)
China managed to implement terrestrial HDTV. In January 2008 there was started terrestrial HDTV transmission in the Beijing area. Until the Olympics open in Beijing in August, the transmissions will have been available in the rest of the host cities: Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenyang, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao, as well as in Guangzhou and Shenzhen industrial zones. China plans to deploy the infrastructure in the whole country by 2010.
HDTV broadcasts will be available also via mobile devices. Intel, in cooperation with Silicon Legend, has prepared Intel Centrino processor dedicated for reception of the Chinese television. In June there are expected laptops from leading manufacturers, which will enable the users on the go to watch transmissions of the Olympic Games in HDTV standard. These will be products of Lenovo, HP, Asus, Sony, Samsung, and Toshiba for Chinese market.

Dual-standard digital terrestrial television DMB-TH (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting - Terrestrial / Handheld) adopted in China is a major development of the previous standards, allowing to broadcast TV programs to household televisions and various mobile receivers, both in SDTV and HDTV resolution.
Among the European DVB-T, American ATSC, Japanese ISDB-T, and Chinese DMB-TH, the latter is the most advanced standard.
It is based on TDS-OFDM (Time Domain Synchronous - Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) modulation, being a development of OFDM used in DVB-T, and much more complex than ATSC (8VSB).
The new modulation technique allows to implement (similarly to regular OFDM) multi-channel transmission that is needed for broadcasting large data streams, especially in the case of HDTV. Advanced TDS-OFDM modulation additionally improves transmission parameters through time domain division.

The Oriental Pearl Tower - the third tallest tower in the world.
The TV tower broadcasts programs for inhabitants of Shanghai area.
Problems in large multiswitch systems. In large multi-family buildings there are the following problems that should be taken into consideration when installing SMATV systems:
  • unequal distances between multiswitches and outlets - the reason of different signal levels in the outlets,
  • the long distances of the cables between multiswitches and outlets are the reason of large and changeable (with frequency) attenuation of the signals,
  • unequal distances between staircases - the reason of considerable signal level differences among the subnetworks.

Modern multiswitches from Terra allow to overcome these problems.
The MSR-xxx series and its complementary line - MSV-xxx (without AC/DC adapter) allow to build large multiswitch systems up to 300 outlets.
The MSV-9xx series, designed for cooperation with two LNBs, is a perfect solution in the cases where multiswitches cannot be connected to AC power line. The multiswitches can be powered via their "H" inputs (they may be also powered from external power supplier R71465, output: 18VDC).
Outputs of 16-out multiswitches are arranged in groups of four. Each group has a different gain. The outputs ensuring higher gain are to be connected with more distant outlets and vice versa. This way the output levels (in the outlets) can be easily equalized.
Active terrestrial path enables the installer to use the multiswitches even in the case of very long cables. Pre-correction (a reverse gain characteristic comparing it with the characteristic of the cable) allows to compensate the attenuation of the cable within the whole bandwidth.
The family of taps and splitters: SS-504, SS-510, SS-515, SS-520 allows to design and implement the layout of subnetworks in the way that the signal levels are equalized.

The diagram below shows example installation based on MSR and MSV multiswitches. The red line marks terrestrial path. The switch in SS-504 splitters set in "ON" position allows to power MSV multiswitch, from the integrated power supply of MSR multiswitch (through "H" lines). If an installation employed more MSR multiswitches, they should be DC-isolated by the taps.
TV/SAT Wall Plate: Signal R-TV-SAT (terminal)9/16 Multiswitch: Terra  MSR-916 (active terrestrial path)9/16 Multiswitch: TERRA MSV-916 (active terrestrial path)SAT/TV Splitter: Terra SS-504
SMATV system based on MSR-916 and MSV-916 multiswitches
Parking lots, sports facilities, schools - vandal-proof IP camera Pixord P412. This IP camera (K1331) has been equipped with vandal-proof housing and lens with adjustable focal length (3.7 - 12 mm). Due to built-in IR illuminator, the camera can be used in any light conditions (it is a day/night camera).
The camera uses 540 TVL image sensor. It generates images that can be displayed in Full D1 resolution (PAL: 720x576 pixels), at 25 fps.
P412 may send MJPEG or MPEG-4 compressed video. The images can be viewed with Internet browser and recorded any moment on the computer's hard disc.The camera also supports SD card for local recording. There may be recorded short AVI video clips. The recording is triggered by motion detection.
The operator can set three areas of motion detection. The images recorded after motion detection can be transmitted to a FTP server, or as e-mail attachment (also in the form of AVI file).
The set includes software pack allowing to monitor and record images from a set of 32 PIXORD devices.
Vandal-Proof IP Camera: PIXORD P412
Pixord P412 K1331 camera
ULTIMAX - DVRs for demanding customers - network playback and backup. Most of the DVRs available in the market do not support different parameters of recording and network video transmission.
Diversification of those parameters is very important in practice, allowing to record high quality video on the local disc and transmit lower-quality images via the network - to limit the data stream.
The DVRs of ULTIMAX series allow to set those parameters independently for each camera. It is necessary to set resolution of the main stream and the substream. The former may adopt QCIF to 4CIF, the latter - QCIF or CIF. Local video recording uses only the main stream. Network preview can be performed through the same main stream, or via the substream. Every remote client can independently choose the suitable stream/resolution.

Preview and download of archive in client program included with ULTIMAX DVRs
DIPOL organizes course of practical operation of the ultra-modern 3rd-generation ULTIMAX DVRs:
  • Date: May 28, 2008, 10:00 - 14:00 CET.
  • Place: Krakow, ul.Cieplownicza 40 (street), the headquarters of DIPOL company.
  • Lecturer: M.Sc. Marek Dzioch.
  • Scope: practical workshops that enable the participants to familiarize themselves with installing and operating the newest ULTIMAX DVRs of 3rd generation.
  • The course is free for CCTV installers/resellers.

Registration form
Distributed monitoring systems based on megapixel cameras. New implementations of video surveillance systems are often based on megapixel cameras, instead of PTZ equipment. It is possible due to high resolution of these cameras that enables the operator of the system to digitally enlarge any interesting area, without loss of visual inspection of the whole scene - both in live monitoring and recording.
A very efficient solution for professional IP monitoring systems is provided by new 1.3 Mpx cameras from ACTi - ACM-5611 K1512 and ACM-1231 K1511. Their resolution (1280 x 1024) means three times more pixels than in the case of D1 images (720 x 576).
The former camera is a typical day/night device equipped with mechanically driven IR filter, the latter one is put into outdoor housing (IP66) with IR illuminator allowing to operate in complete darkness.
The newest ACTi cameras are integrated with Alnet K3216 and NUUO K3112 software. Additionally, the included NVR software supports all ACTi cameras.
Megapixel Day/Night IP Camera: ACTi ACM-5611
Outdoor Megapixel IP Camera: ACTi ACM-1231
ACTi ACM-5611
ACTi ACM-1231
Configuration of Aphelion devices. Professional outdoor access points - Aphelion - have been specially designed for building IP CCTV installations and other highly efficient IP networks requiring QoS guarantee, such as VoIP telephony. The main features include short delay time and wide bandwidth. The device can be used for creating MESH networks with Hot-Spot and Hot-Zone functions.
The Aphelion family includes the following models:
  • 500AG N2411 - basic version with one transceiver,
  • 600AG N2412 - version with two independent transceivers,
  • 3300AG N2413 - version with three independent transceivers.
The family does not use www interface, so it may seem that configuration of the advanced devices is difficult. But lack of the possibility of configuring via Internet browser is rather an advantage - safer management, more operating memory, stable operation.
The configuration can be performed via ssh, telnet, or RS-232 interface.
The main configuration menu
Example configuration of WLAN interface
Logging to the device via ssh, telnet, or RS-232 interface, after entering the administrator password, one gets intuitive configuration menu. The position to be changed is selected by up/down arrows. Depending on the change, it is needed to enter a new value from the keyboard, or modify the option with the space bar. As an example, the ACK parameter is entered numerically, whereas the working channel is selected by pressing the space bar.
Elsa Cheng visits DIPOL. Elsa Cheng from ACTi is responsible for market development in Central and Eastern Europe. A significant increase in sales of ACTi products in Poland induced the company to establish a closer cooperation with DIPOL - the distributor of the products in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.
She was the guest of DIPOL's stand at Securex 2008 trade fair in Poznan and she also visited our headquarters in Krakow. Elsa Cheng saw the newest installations based on ACTi equipment.
An excerpt from the interview with ACTi representative:
Int.- Can you give us an example of a large CCTV system based on ACTi equipment, your's pride and joy?
Ms. Cheng - In Japan there has been built video surveillance system for a big telecommunication company, with 800 ACTi cameras. It's especially important that our products standout against competition with SONY, BOSH etc.

You may need even more staff ... - the interview with Elsa Cheng.
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