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DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN
No. 34/2008 (Oct. 20, 2008)
SAT Krak 2008. SatKrak 2008 trade fair was held in Krakow, Poland, on October 16-18. This annual event is dedicated to digital television and broadcasting industry.
The exhibition took place in the biggest television market in Central and Eastern Europe, which is Poland. Among the exhibitors there were leading manufacturers and distributors of receiving equipment from Poland and abroad, and all operators of digital platforms.
Observing the range of the equipment, listening to the discussions at the stands of the exhibitors, and looking at the offers of the platforms, one can make predictions for the next year.
The forecasts on large interest in digital terrestrial TV broadcasts in Poland were too optimistic. HD programs available in several Polish cities did not meet a wider interest of consumers. However, many companies (Technisat, Maximum, RWT) presented tuners for receiving digital terrestrial television, with future prosperity in mind.
A prosperous segment of the market is still satellite industry. A wide range of attractive programs, especially HD broadcasts, gave the impetus for the customers to change their receiving equipment. Many of them are interested in receivers enabling independent recording of satellite channels.
According to the installation companies, a true hit can be prepaid offer. The new offer of TVN - "prepaid TV" - is in the focus of interest today. Probably other platforms will follow this way.
Everyone could notice popularity of multiswitch systems, being a standard solution in modern buildings. Multiswitches were presented by practically all companies dealing with satellite equipment.
During the fair there were traditional awards for "Best product on the market" in various categories. This year the range was extended by categories for assessment of programs broadcast by Polish operators. The best thematic channel in the Polish market became HD Sport - Canal +.

We are pleased to inform that we received the award for the "Best Product of the Year 2008" in the category "SMATV systems" - for TERRA headend distributed by DIPOL.

Modular Headend TERRA MMH-3000
DIPOL at SAT Krak 2008

DIPOL stand at SAT Krak
The ceremony of presenting the "Best Product of the Year" award
to Mr. Virgilijus Repecka from TERRA and Mr. Tadeusz Szydlowski from DIPOL
Monitoring of animal behavior - CCTV in a zoo. By observing the behavior of animals the staff can create appropriate conditions in the zoo. It is particularly important in the case of animals threatened with extinction. These animals require emergency care and the conditions for them should be as much as possible similar to their natural environment. It may have a significant impact on the survival of the endangered species.
Video surveillance in zoos, unfortunately, also applies to human behavior - the visitors shouldn't feed or scare off the animals.
For a long time, in Beijing zoo there is carried out monitoring of behavior of the panda. Cameras equipped with infrared illuminators day and night monitor the behavior of the animals. Because of air pollution in Beijing, pandas are kept in air-conditioned cages.
IP CCTV system has been implemented for observation of white eagle nest on one of the islands near the West coast of Iceland (other details are not given due to security of the last specimens of the species). There is used megapixel IP camera of IQinvision (K1431), powered with solar cells. The video data is transmitted wirelessly by a point-to-point link, with connection to the Internet. The next stage will include installation of next cameras, to observe birds in different locations on the island.
One of the cameras monitoring pandas
A panda in the Beijing zoo
Professional headend for an attractive price - Terra MMH-3000. The launch of a new, professional Modular Headend TERRA MMH-3000 is a turning point in cost calculation of SMATV systems.
Thanks to modern and solid construction, the headend has gained recognition of the customers. Large scale of production allows to price the device designed for professional market at the level typical for mass-market products.
The headend is controlled with a PC (locally or via the Internet). It can receive up to four encrypted programs with a single card (from the same transponder). All modules designed for the headend are equipped with VSB modulators allowing to utilize adjacent channels.
Below we present example calculations for two sets of received programs (the prices in PLN; for a rough estimate - in EUR the values should be divided by 3.5, in USD by 2.5):
ModuleReceived programsTransponderNumber of modulesPrice (incl. tax, PLN)
R81710RD-313CTVP1HOTBIRD 13,0E 1089211245,47
ALE KINO!940,30
R81710RD-313CTVNHOTBIRD 13,0E 1139311245,47
R81700UC-380Base Unit UC-38011812,31
R81704UD-104Data bus/USB interface1222,50
    TOTAL10 167,55
Cost calculation for the end user - Terra MMH-3000 configured for reception of 8 encrypted Polish programs (C+). There are needed only two CI modules.

CodeModuleReceived programsTransponderNumber of modulesPrice (incl. tax, PLN)
R81710RD-313CZDFASTRA 19,2E 1195411245,47
R81712DM-313MTV Germany1940,30
R81710RD-313CCNBCASTRA 19,2E 1159711245,47
R81712DM-313BBC WORLD1940,30
R81710RD-313CFRANCE 24ASTRA 19,2E 1153841245,47
R81710Euro NewsASTRA 19,2E 122261245,47
R81710CNN InternationalASTRA 19,2E 117781245,47
R81710RAI UNOHOTBIRD 13,0E 109921245,47
R81700UC-380Base Unit UC-38011812,31
R81704UD-104Data bus/USB interface1222,50
    TOTAL11 388,23
Cost calculation for the end user - Terra MMH-3000 configured for reception of 8 foreign programs
Modular Headend TERRA MMH-3000
Signals from two LNBs and terrestrial antennas in one cable. Application of a switch controlled by DiSEqC signal and a TV/SAT diplexer allows to distribute satellite signals from two full-band LNBs and set of terrestrial antennas with a single coaxial cable. The signals are then separated in TV/SAT outlet. As the TV/SAT diplexer we recommend MM-214 R90245 of Alcad, featuring very good characteristics and impedance matching.
Aluminum Offset Satellite Dish: 90cm (A - E adjustment)Full Band LNB: Golden Interstar GI-201 (0.3 dB) Anodized FM Antenna: Dipol 1RUZ A (omnidirectional)DiSEqC 2.0 / Tone Burst Switch: Golden Interstar GI 211 (2/1)FM/6-69 Antenna Diplexer - ZA 6AOutdoor TV/SAT Combiner MM-214(F) ALCADSubscriber terminal outlet: Satel GAR-BG-DK-SAT (surface type)
Use of DiSEqC switch and TV/SAT diplexer (MM-214 R90245) allows to combine signals from two LNBs and terrestrial antennas
Cameras with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) sensors (Pixim). WDR cameras use the newest generation of sensors from the American company Pixim. Every pixel of the sensor is an independent analog to digital converter. So every element has individually set exposition time, depending on light intensity. It eliminates under- and over-exposed areas in the image. This kind of cameras is perfect for viewing against the light.
Standard cameras do not allow to view details in dark areas when other fragments of the image are very bright. Such situations are unavoidable when we monitor gateways flanked by bright neon signs, sidewalks under the glittering shop windows etc. They simply average out the video level, loosing details both in the brightest and darkest areas of the image.
Using a WDR camera we can identify people who are in the darker part of the image, thanks to that feature of individual adjustment of the cells.
The camera SN-586C/B WDR M11208 equipped with mechanically switching IR filter can be also used for indoor applications, where it should operate against the light, or the changes of light intensity are very large, e.g. on the stage in a theater etc. The device has very useful NightVision function that switches it into B/W mode when the light goes down.

We may recommend the video showing practical advantages of cameras with WDR sensors.
Comparison of cameras with CCD and WDR sensors
H.264 - the newest and most effective codec in CCTV. The devices using MPEG-4 compression with H.264 codec allow to build CCTV systems of highest quality, with comparatively low requirements for the bandwidth and disc space needed for video transmission and recording.
H.264 codec is much more efficient than the popular MPEG4-ASP. Better compressed data stream can be transmitted in narrower band, as well as the data takes less space on a hard drive.
This kind of compression is implemented in the ULTICAM D535 cameras (K1140), ULTINET video servers , e.g. K2140, ULTICAM megapixel IP cameras, e.g. K1440, and all the DVRs of ULTIMAX series.
Bandwidth requirements for different compressions
Systems with megapixel cameras in superstores. In the case of monitoring large commercial space it is important to be able to see details, despite a wide field of observation. This demand cannot be satisfied by analog cameras which offer a maximum resolution of 720 x 576 pixels (PAL).
The task can be easily accomplished with a system based on IP cameras ULTICAM K1440 equipped with 2 Mpix sensors and H.264 codecs, offering high quality images of 1600 x 1200 native resolution. The images contain about 5 times more information that those of analog cameras, enabling great digital zoom.
Another advantage of these cameras is easy installation and extension of the system - the cameras can be directly connected to the local network (LAN).
Every ULTICAM camera includes "Net Video Application Software" - "ULTIMAX Client" - advanced NVR application enabling the user to manage all ULTISYSTEM devices, i.e. ULTICAM cameras, ULTINET video servers, and ULTIMAX DVRs.
At the same quality level, megapixel camera can monitor a much wider area.
The green frames border four areas corresponding to images of CIF resolution (the four CIF images contain the number of pixels equivalent to D1 resolution), and depict the proportion of the area to the total image available in the case of 1.3 MPx camera.
Designing of IP CCTV systems. Typical issues that have to be settled for an IP CCTV system are the needed bandwidth, disc space etc. Making an effort to meet the needs, ACTi Corp. prepared a website that helps installation companies to quickly assess system requirements.
Project planner contains pages enabling the user to choose appropriate cameras and lenses, and calculate the bandwidth, disc space, power consumption. There are also given examples of PC servers and switches ensuring proper operation of the designed system.
A screenshot from ACTi Project Planner
Home video surveillance system based on IP network. IP cameras can be connected directly to a wired network, or wirelessly. For example, a large apartment or a house can be covered with WLAN using two Access Points TL-WA501G N2940, and then with four IP cameras connected wirelessly. Additionally, other two cameras are connected to the wired part of the network. Both IP cameras and access points are connected to one switch, that, in turn, is connected to the router. The router cooperates with a modem providing access to a DSL service.
The system enables the users to get access to the images from any desktop or mobile computer connected to the LAN/WLAN, or from anywhere, via the Internet. For the latter option, the resolution of the images and frame rates will depend on the available bandwidth.
Router TP-Link TL-R860 (8 LAN / 1 WAN ports)Switch TP-Link TL-SF1008D (8 ports)Access Point: TP-Link TL-WA501G <br />(AP/APC/WDS 2.4GHz, eXtended Range)Access Point: TP-Link TL-WA501G <br />(AP/APC/WDS 2.4GHz, eXtended Range)MPEG4 IP Camera: Pixord P400PoEMPEG4 IP Camera: Pixord P400PoEWireless Network Camera: Pixord P400W (MJPEG/MPEG4)Wireless Network Camera: Pixord P400W (MJPEG/MPEG4)
Wireless/wired IP CCTV system for a house
Atmospheric discharges - protection of signal lines (part 2). In the fall many customers buy televisions and satellite receivers. The devices, connected to antenna installations, are exposed to surges induced in long cables. Even if lightening does not directly strike the installation, the electromagnetic field that has been induced may cause a severe damage to an expensive TV set, receiver etc. In such a case it usually means destruction of the tuner in television, receiver, TV card of a PC etc.
Signal surge protector R48602 is an ideal device for everyone who cares for their TV and satellite equipment, suitable for all 75 ohm signal paths.
In the case of CCTV networks there are used other solutions. Video Separator SV-1000 (M1711) is a security device that protects CCTV equipment from lightening discharges, voltage differences ad strokes, and electric currents in video signal cables. Similar phenomena may be observed during insertion of video plug into a TV set or plugging a long computer cable. It can be solved through installation of the separator, as well.

Protection of electronic equipment against surge voltages occurring in AC power circuits. A PC, television, stereo etc. can be damaged as the result of a surge in the power network. The risk of such a failure of power supplies in the equipment can be practically eliminated by application of ACAR standard "X Protector" P1315, equipped with five outlets.
Safety Multi-Outlet Extension Cord with Surge Suppressor: X Protector
Safety Multi-Outlet Extension Cord with Surge Suppressor
ACAR standard "X Protector" P1315
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AI lens - how is it built and how does it work? Most of currently manufactured CCTV lenses use DC Iris or Video Iris control. The lenses are comparatively cheap due to clever drive system. In general, the iris my be driven by a small motor (much more expensive solution used in still cameras), or by electromagnetic actuator....
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