DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 35/2008 (Oct. 27, 2008)
Report from SAT Krak 2008. A short presentation of DIPOL stand at this year's SAT Krak trade fair that took place in Krakow on Oct. 16-18, 2008.
The prospects of digital terrestrial TV in Europe. The final standard for terrestrial digital television in Europe is DVB-T2. In June this year there were approved technical requirements for the system. Its formal approval, however, is planned for next year.
The prepared standard will allow for the development of HD television. At the same time the users will be able to receive current DVB-T broadcasts, due to a period of parallel operation of both systems.
DVB-T2 is to be used for mobile transmission as well, but this option is not available in the first version. DVB-H2 option will be developed later.
It seems to be a serious flaw, since the possibility of receiving terrestrial digital TV on mobile devices is very important for the investors who plan to build the new networks. Such a possibility exists in the Chinese DMB-T/H standard, and it has been practically implemented in the local market, in cooperation with several manufacturers that supply the suitable equipment.
The most advanced country in implementing DVB-T2 is the United Kingdom. The tests of the new system were successfully completed in June. Next year, Grenada, a member of the British Commonwealth, starts regular broadcasting in this standard.
In the UK, the first large event transmitted with this technology will be the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The process of transition to the new standard should conclude in 2012.
Pace company presented at IBC in Amsterdam the first DVB-T2 receiver prepared for mass production.
DVB-H2 will enable the users of mobile phones to receive TV broadcasts
They like to build bridges - where is the tower? Enlarging the picture below, you can notice that the TV tower has been built over a street, similarly to a bridge over a river.
Having in mind that the tower is located in the city called the Venice of the East, being one of the most beautiful cities of Asia, you shouldn't be surprised by the passion of the inhabitants for building bridge-like constructions.
Try to discover which city we are talking about - the answer you can find at the end of this issue.
TV tower in the Venice of the East - where is it? The answer at the end of this issue.
Video security system for a multi-family building. CCTV systems installed in housing developments have become increasingly popular. The images are available for all residents thanks to RF transmission in antenna/cable TV system, together with TV programs. Usually the video is also recorded on DVR(s).
A typical MATV system with CCTV option can employ MA-113 amplifier (R82313), which concentrates RF signals from one VHF and two UHF antennas. Another antennas (if needed) can be connected via RF loopthroughs of MT-30x modulators. The MT-30A R871731 (D/K), MT-30B R871732 (B/G), and/or MT-30C R871733 (B/G A2 stereo) modulators allow to obtain high image quality and provide a lot of functionality (e.g. choice of output channel within the full TV range, text generator option, video carrier offset, switchable A/V ratio, frequency deviation adjustment, output level adjustment). Vestigial side band modulation allows use of adjacent channels, providing space for up to 20 CCTV channels. It is important to properly set output levels of the modulators, remembering about maximum output level of the amplifier.
Anodized FM Antenna: Dipol 1RUZ A (omnidirectional)VHF TV Antenna: DIPOL 11/6-12 (11-element)UHF TV antenna: DIPOL 19/21-69 DIGITALUHF TV Antenna: ATX-91UHF TV Antenna: POLARIS 60/21-60VSB TV Modulator: Terra MT-30A (D/K: ch. 1-69 &S1-S38)
Video security system in a building, with the use of MT-30x modulators
SATA hard drives - adaptation for some DVRs. Not so long ago all DVRs were equipped only with IDE interfaces. Currently IDE hard drives end their days, replaced in the market by modern SATA HDDs.
The manufacturers of the latest DVRs also equip their products with SATA interfaces. But there are still many DVRs with IDE. If there is no suitable IDE HDD, for some models there may be used SATA-ATA adapter M8541 (CPD, KPD series).
SATA-ATA adapter for DVRs of CPD, KPD series
SATA-ATA adapter (M8541) for DVRs of CPD, KPD series

Surveillance camera PiXORD P400 K1131 now with PoE option. PiXORD has added to the P400 K1131 model a PoE module compliant with IEEE 802.11af standard. It allows to power the camera via a typical twisted-pair cable.
P400 K1131 IP camera provides DVD-quality MPEG-4 video stream that can be transmitted in LAN or WAN networks. This model is currently No.1 among customers, being chosen for IP CCTV systems in businesses and homes, as well as for putting live images on websites.
MPEG4 IP Camera: Pixord P400PoE
PiXORD P400PoE K1131
Video surveillance in underground parking lot. Under the city hall in Taipei there is the largest parking lot in Taiwan. Its capacity is 3000 vehicles. As the current monitoring system has become out of date, it has been completely modernized. Now there are used ACTi ACM1431 K1118 cameras and PTZ indoor cameras K1214. The system is controlled by the included NVR software developed by ACTi. The previous analog system that could record 5 fps at CIF (320 x 240) was turned into IP solution capable of recording video data of D1 resolution (720 x 480) at 15 fps (the maximum frame rate of ACTi devices is 30 fps, but it is needed only in some cases).
City Hall in Taipei
Block diagram of the video surveillance system
IP multicast in IP CCTV systems. Increasing interest in video transmission on the Internet requires high throughput of the networks and good effectiveness of network applications. Multicast routing may be the base for building efficient distributed systems, where transmission of data goes from one source to many recipients. It consists in sending IP packets (comprising e.g. video data) to a certain group of users and repeating it only in the cases when it is needed for the specific topology of the network. Such strategy allows to send single stream of data to a whole group of users, instead of many streams to a number of individual users. Thanks to it, although the group of users grows, the required throughput remains unchanged. The precondition for proper operation in multicast mode is the support of IGMP routing protocol at each point of the network, from the sender (e.g. IP camera), through the intermediate switches and routers. This function is built into e.g. ACTi IP cameras, prepared for advanced routing protocols in IP networks.
The difference in transmitting signals with Unicast and Multicast routing
Wireless connection with other computers without an access point. Most of modern laptops, notebooks etc. have built-in WiFi adapter. Another possibility is additional PCMCIA or USB card/adapter. The WiFi adapters can be used for direct wireless connections. The mode that should be set is Ad-Hoc. It creates direct links (point-to-point). In the case of three or more nodes it is sometimes called a multi-connected topology. The only condition for setting up the link(s) is location within the range of the WLAN cards. The embedded WLAN adapters usually use low-gain antennas, so the range may be strongly limited.
Wireless PCI Adapter (eXtended Range): TL-WN551GWireless CardBus Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN510G (2.4GHz 54Mbps, eXtended Range)Wireless USB Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN321G (2.4GHz 54Mbps)
Ad-Hoc connection using TP-Link devices
Atmospheric discharges - protection of LANs (part 3). During thunderstorms electronic devices connected to a LAN are exposed to dangerous voltages. There is a risk of overvoltage even in spots 1.5 km distant from the place where a lightning struck.
LH Protector J2820 lowers the excess voltage to the safe level, set for this type of equipment according to European standards. It allows to avoid structural damage. The device does not need power supplying and does not interrupt data transmission.
Other aspects of surge protection were raised in the previous issues: Atmospheric discharges - protection of wireless networks (part 1) and Atmospheric discharges - protection of signal lines (part 2).
Computer Network Protector: LH
LH Computer Network Protector (J2820)
Introduction of DIPOL company in the latest SAT Kurier (Polish satellite magazine). In the interview granted by Ms. Magdalena Stachula, the magazine presents a track record of DIPOL company, describes its position on the Polish and international markets, and outlines the future plans. Below there are some fragments of the interview (translation):

What is your idea of development of distribution network?
We are the supplier of the equipment for large projects, but the majority of our customers are small installations companies. We would like to grow together. Our offer includes TV, satellite TV, WLAN, and CCTV equipment, which is needed for a full service often required by the investors. Having in mind high demands of the customers, we help the best installation companies, which, taking part in training courses and using our professional support, can become regional partners in implementing the systems.

What about your competitiveness in international markets?
We export products to 37 countries of the world, among them there are almost all European countries. One of the more "exotic" directions is India, buying our radio antennas. Another distant importer is Zambia - they buy our GSM antennas. (...) An interesting project was implementation of our cameras in kindergartens in Cyprus, as well as on Cypriot cruise ships.

The whole article (in Polish): "Przedstawiamy firme DIPOL"

Suzhou - China. A city located several dozen kilometers from Shanghai, on the Great Channel, the longest man-made waterway, built since 5th century A.D. The channel begins in Hangzhou and extends to Beijing. Its total length is ca. 1800 km, the width fluctuates between 20-350 m. It crosses five major rivers: Yangtze, Yellow River, Hai He, Huai He, and Qiantang Jiang. It has 24 locks.
Suzhou is renowned for its beautiful channels, stone bridges, pagodas, and meticulously designed gardens. Already in 12th century it had 14 channels, 359 bridges, 12 pagodas, and 50 temples. The city has also been an important center of China's silk industry.
Despite using the channels for transportation, they abound in fish.
A woman sells lotus delicacies directly from a small boat in the channel.
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Video Surveillance Conference and Exhibition ALARM, Kielce, Poland, Nov. 5-6, 2008. DIPOL invites to presentation of ULTISYSTEM, unique in the world network video surveillance system combining analog and IP cameras and DVRs.
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