DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 36/2008 (Nov. 3, 2008)
CCTV in Israel. Israel belongs to the group of countries most vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Issues relating to security are among the priorities of the state. However, many of the methods used to prevent attacks cause concern around the world: building of a wall separating Arab villages in the West Bank, closing of access roads to Arab towns, etc.
Video surveillance is not a matter of controversy, being highly effective. In terms of popularity of CCTV systems, Israel is the world leader. Surveillance cameras are more common than in many European countries, maybe except for Great Britain. Israel leads in the world in the most advanced technologies for monitoring, especially in the software associated with the analysis of video and wireless data transmission.
Confirmation of that leading position are some achievements of Israeli companies.

- According to IMS Research, focused on electronic market, the Israeli company Ioimage has 37% share of the global software market associated with advanced image analysis (Video Content Analysis - VCA).
- Nice company, offering integrated managing systems for video surveillance installations, indicates that their solutions are used by 85 organizations from the list of the world's 100 biggest companies (the list of Fortune magazine). Also by the latest one - the Chinese Railways.
- Another Israeli firm, Vigilant, successfully competes in the UK market, providing monitoring systems for several districts of London.
- Verint Systems delivers its solutions for IP monitoring of the Underground, the world's longest subway. Previously, Verint Systems sold surveillance systems to 57 airports.
- The systems for wireless transmission of video data offered by Israeli companies, among them Radwin and Alvarion, are well known for their quality and innovative solutions.

Photo report: Video surveillance in Israel
Video surveillance in Israel
Video surveillance in Israel
The narrow streets of the old town of Jerusalem are under close surveillance. On the right - the paintings on the gate show that the owner, a Muslim, has visited Mecca. Under the roof there is a CCTV camera.

Control of MMH-3000 headend via the Internet. Remote control interface PCS-200 R81716 enables remote (LAN, Internet) programming and diagnostics of the headend, with an Internet browser.
There are many situations when a hotel wants to change the set of distributed TV programs according to the needs of organized groups, for the accommodation period. The PCS-200 module makes it an easy task.
Additionally, the PCS interface is also equipped with socket that allows connection of a video server cooperating with CCTV camera. It enables the installer/operator to remotely instruct someone from the hotel staff to perform simple maintenance operations.

Modular Headend TERRA MMH-3000
A short guide to MMH-3000 TERRA design
Remote control of MMH-3000 headend - a screenshot from the management program
Remote video monitoring of Terra MMH-3000 headend - application of video server input in the PCS-200 R81716
for network video transmission
Compact cameras - more and more professional. Determination of optimum camera location and mounting of the camera set (camera, lens, housing and bracket) usually takes a lot of time. The final configuration of the set may also be a tiresome task. In many applications the problems can be avoided by using compact cameras. They are prepared for quick and easy installation. Such a camera is ready for operation just after taking out of the packaging and connecting power and video cables.
Outdoor color CCTV camera VF-515 IR/B (M11278), with varifocal lens (4 - 9 mm) and integrated IR illuminator, provides images with increased resolution (550TVL). Its manually-operated varifocal lens enables the installer to adjust the desired viewing angle, the powerful IR illuminator allows to monitor the scene in complete darkness. The camera uses very good 1/3" SONY Super HAD sensor.
Outdoor Color CCTV Camera: VF-515 IR/B<br /> (with 4-9 mm varifocal lens and IR illuminator)
Color camera VF-515 IR/B with 4-9 mm varifocal lens
and IR illuminator (M11278)
ULTISYSTEM - a new era in video surveillance. DIPOL has launched into the market a unique in the world video surveillance system combining local CCTV installations with the city system, based on common managing software. The core of ULTISYSTEM is software of exceptional versatility, allowing to build systems composed of IP and analog equipment. It supports all standard compressions, i.e. MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264.
The software cooperates with standard and high-resolution cameras, including megapixel devices. There can be used products of majority of renown CCTV manufacturers (ACTi, Axis, IQinVision, Sony, Arecont, Sanyo). The system can be easily adjusted to customer's requirements, it implements flexible solutions that significantly decrease costs and improve operation efficiency (e.g. easy integration of existing analog CCTV systems). Due to completeness of the offer (it also includes the equipment using H.264 codec and megapixel cameras), the system has no analogues in the world.
One of the key features of ULTISYSTEM is cooperation with ULTIMAX DVRs. ULTIMAX has won a prestigious award - Gold Medal of Intertelecom 2008 for the best product.
ULTIMAX is a series of 3rd generation digital video recorders, based on the latest Texas Instruments processors developed on pioneer DaVinci platform. The DVRs fulfill national regulations for video coverage of mass events/gatherings in most countries of the world. The most efficient H.264 compression allows for effective network operation, not possible in the case of popular DVRs.
There are available dedicated devices representing the cutting edge of technological progress, such as IP cameras ULTICAM D535 K1140 and ULTICAM 2.0 Mpix K1440, or video server ULTINET-701 K2140. ULTICAM D535 can provide full PAL-resolution images at frame rates up to 25 fps, the ULTICAM 2.0 Mpix camera - UXGA images at 12 fps. The ULTINET server can cooperate with all analog PAL cameras, at 25 fps.

ULTISYSTEM is a unique in the world video surveillance system for cities, enabling consolidation of local CCTV subsystems with the core monitoring infrastructure, with the use of common managing software

Solutions for various lighting conditions. Both weak and strong light poses a challenge to the designers of CCTV cameras. They equip the cameras with systems that can reduce the influence of extreme conditions on the image quality.
The diagram below shows the range of application of any specific technical solution improving image quality.
In complete darkness a workable solution is IR illumination. The cameras with IR illuminators (or capable of cooperation with external IR lamps) are a quite large group.
The "Sense Up" function makes it possible to obtain images in very low light, from 0.002 lx.
The opposite pole is situation with strong sources of direct or reflected light within the image, causing overexposure effects. A very effective way of solving the problem of shooting against the light is use of cameras with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) sensors. The elements of the sensors can individually adapt to very different light intensity. An example is the camera M11208.
More simple models of CCTV cameras can improve image quality in such situations using BLC (Back Light Compensation) function. This function is usually activated when 50% of the pixels in the central part of the image is overexposed.
A review of available solutions for various lighting conditions
Proper grounding of CCTV equipment. Improper grounding of CCTV equipment may result in "hum" bars caused by a ground loop generating 50- or 60 Hz noise. The ground references (chassis of each piece of equipment) should be connected together in the central point of the system, e.g. at the switcher, DVR, and not at the cameras. It is also very important not to use the shielding of video cables as the common power rail.
The problems of ground loop and interference, often found in large systems, can be eliminated by using Video Separator SV-1000 M1711. Even though its main use is protection of CCTV equipment against lightning surges, it is also designed for CCTV applications that experience ground loop and interference problems. The device eliminates signal disturbances that occur in long transmission lines (a few hundred meters long).
Another issue is grounding of metal housings, absolutely necessary for cameras powered from 230 VAC line. It is not allowed to connect the signal ground to the grounded housing - the construction of any outdoor housing should ensure galvanic separation between the camera (its signal ground - the shield of the video cable) and the housing itself.
An example of application of the SV-1000 M1711
ADSL router - TP-LINK TD-8841 N2908. The TP-LINK TD-8841 ADSL router has been designed for sharing Internet connection in ADSL Annex A technology. It has been equipped with built-in ADSL modem compatible with ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+, 4-port switch, and USB port. The WAN port is simply RJ11 connector that is linked directly to the phone line. The device can operate as DHCP server.
The diagram showing possibilities of connecting ADSL router TP-Link TD-8841 N2908. The device enables the user to share Internet connection provided as ADSL service (Annex A) and create local network.
RJ-45 wiring scheme. Improper termination of a cable with an 8P8C plug is often the reason of a failure. The scheme below shows the sequence of wires (color codes) for an Ethernet cable.
There are T568A or T568B pin/pair assignments:
  • T568B (commonly used)
  • T568A (T568A to T568B makes a "crossover" cable)
T568B pin assignment
T568A pin/pair assignment
The 8P8C/RJ-45 connector can be compressed with the crimping tool NS-210 E7905. The cables terminated with modular plugs can be tested by a dedicated device - Cable Tester (RJ-45, RJ-11) N7055.

Crimping Tool NS-210 <br />(for 8P8C modular plugs)
Cable Tester (RJ-45, RJ-11)
Crimping Tool NS-210
Cable Tester (RJ-45, RJ-11)
DIPOL in Slovakia. October 28, 2008 - DIPOL launches website in Slovak. Our partner in Slovakia is DVA2YA s.r.o. in Twardoszyn. The website, similarly to other language versions, can be found on www.dipol.com.pl after selecting "Slovensky" (click the arrow in the upper right corner) or directly at www.dipol.sk.
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