DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 37/2008 (Nov. 10, 2008)
ULTISYSTEM got a distinction. The ULTISYSTEM software suite that enables cooperation of local monitoring systems with city video surveillance has been honored at Video Surveillance Conference and Exhibition ALARM, in Kielce, Poland (Nov. 5-6, 2008).
ULTISYSTEM - a strong entry - DIPOL at ALARM Kielce,<br />November 5-6, 2008
The distinction to DIPOL for ULTISYSTEM at ALARM 2008
Some video from the event:
ULTISYSTEM allows to connect to the city surveillance system based on IP technology (and its monitoring center) a number of local CCTV systems, e.g. in:
  • sports facilities, concert halls etc.
  • schools, universities etc.
  • banks, offices, agencies etc.
using analog cameras connected to DVRs.

ULTISYSTEM is a perfect platform both for small local monitoring systems and large, advanced video surveillance structures. ULTISYSTEM allows to manage the whole structure with all its sub-systems from one, professional Monitoring Center (live monitoring, PTZ control, recording). It is possible to organize temporary sub-centers for the security of mass events. The whole concept is focused on cost reduction of the installations and their operation.

ULTISYSTEM - the full list of compatible devices currently includes over 450 items: IP cameras, megapixel cameras, DVRs. It is the reason for the opinion that the platform has no analogues in the world.

ULTISYSTEM platform is the result of cooperation among the companies:
  • Alnet System - sold over 35 000 licenses for NVR software,
  • HikVision - the world's leader in manufacturing IP CCTV equipment and owner of several patents in H.264,
  • DIPOL - the European distributor of IP CCTV equipment.
More on the modern video surveillance in the article:
ULTISYSTEM - integration of analog cameras and IP devices into one system.
ULTISYSTEM - integration of analog cameras and IP devices <br />into one system
Reception of terrestrial digital broadcasts. In many European countries, including Poland, there are available terrestrial TV channels compressed in MPEG-4 format. To receive these programs (some of them are HD broadcasts), one needs an MPEG-4 receiver.
A good choice is Ferguson FT-8200 (A99080), equipped with HDMI, Component, S/PDIF connectors (there is also SCART on board). If, in the future, some programs/multiplexes are encrypted, the receiver can be extended by adding CA module. This will allow to use the appropriate smart card.
Digital Terrestrial TV Receiver: Ferguson FT 8200 HD<br />(MPEG-2 &MPEG-4)
DVB-T receiver: Ferguson FT 8200 HD MPEG-4
Fullband LNB - what's inside? Due to operation in multi-GHz range, special methods of RF circuit designing and manufacturing are applied, suitable for so high frequencies. Within this range, the conductor tracks on PCB or other base are in fact long lines. These are made as microstrip lines, and all filters consist of elements in the form of distributed constant circuits, realizing smooth change of impedance. It prevents reflection of signals and distortion of waveforms. Change of polarization is performed by connecting to the mixer one of two sets of RF amplifiers, each receiving opposite polarization. The received band is changed by switching the heterodyne. From the outside, the choice of polarization is executed by change of supplying voltage. The range of 11-14 V is assigned for V polarization, whereas 16-18 V - for H polarization. Next, without 22 kHz signal the converter receives 10.7-11.7 GHz band, and with the 22 kHz signal - the upper, 11.7-12.7 GHz band. The effect of LNB's operation is amplification and shift of the original signals from 10.7-12.75 GHz range to the SAT IF band (950-2150 MHz).
Block diagram of a fullband LNB
Monitoring of historic places. Many historic places (castles, heritage parks, old ruins etc.) are at long distances from other buildings in which work people responsible for their maintenance. Usually there is no possibility of ensuring 24-hour security staff due to high costs. The risk of devastation can be greatly reduced by using a video surveillance system. Application of IP cameras allows to establish wireless communication, which does not harm the historic places. The video can be transmitted over relatively long distances.
Use of intelligent software solutions allows to reduce the staff to the minimum. The system can automatically inform about any events, e.g. the presence of some intruders in protected zones.

Intelligent video surveillance systems - an article on NUUO software package that implements methods of image analysis.
Configuration of motion detection with marking forbidden zones allows to trigger an alarm in any case of motion in there. In contrast with systems with IR sensors, the operator can analyze the real threat.
Protection of the Great Wall of China is ensured by many security people. Despite cheap labor, more and more CCTV cameras help to perform the task.
ULTISYSTEM - surveillance software suite. This professional NVR (Network Video Recorder) software integrates IP CCTV systems based on data transmission in Ethernet networks. The surveillance platform based on the software can combine all IP CCTV devices (IP cameras, video servers, DVRs). The video servers and ULTIMAX DVRs incorporated into the system allow to use any analog cameras.
A distinctive feature of the software is focus on the use of modern megapixel cameras.
ULTISYSTEM supports majority of CCTV devices:
  • ULTISYSTEM (ULTIMAX DVRs, ULTINET video servers, ULTICAM IP cameras - including megapixel devices),
  • ACTi (IP cameras - including megapixel devices, video servers, transcoders),
  • IQinVision (megapixel IP cameras),
The software can be run on any modern PC using Windows XP or Vista OS, suitable for network video recording. ULTISYSTEM can manage up to 32 channels on one server. The number of channels depends on the specific software package (license). Aside from NVR server utility, the software suite contains client program for connecting with up to 16 NVR servers at the same time and simultaneous displaying up to 64 channels. It provides direct control even over 512 channels. Mobile users can connect to the system via VDR-C Mobile utility that is compatible with handhelds based on Symbian and Windows Mobile systems (cell phones and PDAs). Thanks to the possibility of embedding video from any channel on a website, the system can also perform marketing tasks. NVR server can simultaneously connect to up to 1000 clients (desktop clients, mobile clients, websites).

ULTISYSTEM software packages
ULTISYSTEM - software platform integrating local CCTV systems with city surveillance
Monitoring in a solar panel factory. SolarGate Technology Corp, established in July 2003, is the most famous solar power products manufacturer in Taiwan. The factory covers an area of 5,000 square meters and produces solar panels of total capacity of 30 MW per year.
The factory of SolarGate Technology Corp. is in Kinmen County, a small archipelago of several islands administered by the ROC government (Taiwan), situated close to China (PRC) coast. It is separated from the head office in Taiwan by the part of East China Sea - the Taiwan Strait - about 180 km wide strait between mainland China and Taiwan. Due to the distance, SolarGate Technology Corp has chosen ACTi Megapixel IP Surveillance System based on ACTi Megapixel IP cameras which can provide a very good video quality (1.3 Mpix at 8 fps) requiring only 2 Mbps transmission bandwidth.
The system employs ACM1231 K1511, ACM4200 K1501, and ACM1311 K1117 cameras. The video recording system is based on multi-server ACTi NVR K3032 software package.
ACTi monitoring system in SolarGate Technology Corp.
Access point modes (example device: TP-Link TL-WA501G) - part 1. Access Point is a device that connects wireless network to a wired system. So it has to have at least two interfaces: wireless - WLAN - using 802.11 standard, and wired - LAN - using 802.3 standard.
Every Access Point can operate in various modes which allow to perform specific functions. Some modes can combine several functions, increasing functionality of the device. The user should choose them carefully, as they may be less stable in comparison with single-function modes. In each case it depends on the features of the device and quality of its software.
The choice of modes of operation available in TP-Link TL-WA501G
Access Point mode - it is the basic mode that allows wireless communication between any client equipped with a wireless card/adapter and the AP. The users (clients) connect to the wireless network in Infrastructure mode.
Wireless CardBus Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN510G (2.4GHz 54Mbps, eXtended Range)Access Point: TP-Link TL-WA501G <br />(AP/APC/WDS 2.4GHz, eXtended Range)Wireless USB Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN321G (2.4GHz 54Mbps)
The structure of a network operating in Access Point mode (Infrastructure)
In the next issue we will describe Access Point Client and Repeater modes.
Time settings in TP-LINK devices. To change time settings the user should log into the device and choose System Tools/Time. The screenshot below shows the settings for CET time.
The settings for CET time in TP-LINK devices including DST

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