DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 3/2009 (Jan. 19, 2009)
CES 2009 - the magic is challenged, but the show goes on. The financial crisis in the U.S. and throughout the world is also embracing consumer electronics. Even before the CES 2009 exhibition, held in Las Vegas on January 8-11, many large corporations reduced investment, decreased production and laid off thousands of employees, or have announced such steps in the near future. So the economic gloom darkened the glitter of the stars at this year's CES. The recent drivers of growth: flat TVs, digital cameras, mobile phones - lost their marketing power as a result of market saturation - and there were no new groups of products that could take over the role and boost demand for electronics.

In the face of a difficult year, many corporations seem to surrender, including such giants like Sony (plans to cut 16,000 jobs and close 10 percent of plants), Segate (reduction of 10 percent of American employees), and Panasonic (reduction of capital spending on the newest LCD and plasma plants by over 20 percent). Samsung withdrew a takeover bid of nearly 6 billion dollars for Sandisk. However, the size of the show (about 2,700 exhibitors) remained at last year's level, just of its own momentum - reservations for this type of fair are made a year in advance.

The above-mentioned Sony Corporation presented the lightest in the world 8-inch notebook (P Series VAIO Lifestyle PC), weighing just over 0.6 kg and not thicker than a typical mobile phone, with LED-backlit LCD screen of 1600 x 768 resolution and multiple forms of wireless connectivity (3G, Bluetooth, 802.11n, GPS). This netbook-size device, with Vista on-board, has the potential of a "grown-up" laptop, and can work up to 4 or 8 hours - depending on the battery type. The product has won the Best of CES Awards in the "Computer &Hardware" category. Unfortunately, its price is also fully-grown ($900), much above the average in this segment going through a price revolution. Another success of this company is victory in the "Digital Photo &Video" category - the winner was Cyber-shot DSC-G3 camera with a built-in Wi-Fi interface and web browser, giving the option of placing the pictures and videos directly on the Internet (basic parameters: 10 Mpix, 4x zoom, 3.5" touch screen of 210 ppi resolution).

Another winner was Panasonic ("Televisions" category), with its G10 series of plasma televisions in the 1080p format (42, 46, 50 and 54 inches) meeting THX specifications and equipped with Internet interface (VieraCast).

The winner of the category "Cell Phones &Smartphones" and the best product of the show became Pre Palm, with a completely new, multitask operating system Palm WebOS, advanced web browser, and virtually all the features and interfaces available in mobile phones. The phone has touch screen with resolution of 320 x 480, but also a sliding full QWERTY keyboard and built-in 8 GB memory. However, many skeptics say that despite the spectacular success, the phone may have problems with market expansion caused just by the original operating system, requiring to develop new applications.

Computer monitors have been dominated by the 16:9 format with Full HD resolution (1920x1080). There were several 3D solutions (Samsung, Viewsonic), however, they required to use dedicated glasses. Introduction of the third dimension to television still seems to be far away - several competing technologies presented at the exhibition, including laser projection, at the current state of the market are rather only something of interest. The obstacles to quick development include technological problems, costs, and above all - lack of 3D content. Major investments in such productions will probably take place only after some standardization in this field.

For the true answer to the question on how the electronics industry will cope with the weakening in economic activity in 2009 we have to wait till the next CES.

CES 2009 Best in Show - Palm Pre
Designs difficult to reconstruct in Europe. The designs or structures shown in the pictures below are really difficult to reproduce in Europe.
The first - with the gymnasts - is probably difficult to be implemented by Europeans because of, some say, increased earth gravity in Europe (by the way, it applies to the US as well) - so our people weigh more and are not flexible enough...
The second structure - the antenna cluster on the roof of the building - required a special imagination that is not taught at European technical universities.
Where to go to see the two "designs"?
The answer at the end of this issue.
To see the charm of each "construction" you can enlarge the pictures .
Where to go to see the "designs"?
The answer at the end of this issue.
Amplifier for receiving UHF signals in difficult environments. The differences in level between TV signals coming from one or two transmitters often make it impossible to receive one or more of the signals. The solution of the problem is possible with the use of CA-312 amplifier (R904039). It has as many as 4 inputs:
  • BI/FM - for an FM antenna, e.g. Dipol 1/RUZ A0210,
  • VHF - for a VHF III antenna (ch. 6-12, e.g. Dipol 11/6-12 A1116,
  • 2 x UHF - for two independent UHF antennas (ch. 21-69).
The UHF inputs can cooperate with various antennas, e.g. A8700 for channels 21-35 and A8820 for channels 41-60 - in the case where the UHF IV and UHF V signals are coming from different directions, or low-gain antenna A8735 for a strong channel from the range 21-60 and high-gain antenna A8795 for another, weak channel from the range 36-40 etc.
All inputs provide gain adjustment. One of the UHF inputs can automatically switch on power supply for a preamplifier (24V, e.g. AA-101 R90100). The CA-312 amplifier is suitable for installations with 4-30 outlets.
The R904039 amplifier is especially recommended for locations where UHF signal imbalance causes some reception problems, both in the case of receiving the signals from one and two directions.

Comparison of CA-31X amplifiers
















Gain [dB]





Gain adjust. [dB]




16/16/16/ 20/20

Max. output level [dB]

2 x 110

2 x 110

2 x 110

2 x 114

Superior vandal-proof camera - Sunell SN-FX580. The newly launched Day/Night camera in vandal-proof ceiling housing - SN-FX580 M10748 - has been equipped with 1/3" SONY SUPER HAD II CCD image sensor. In B/W mode it ensures sensitivity of 0.008 lx and resolution of 480 TVL. High parameters include perfect S/N ratio, over 50 dB.
The camera has mechanically switching IR filter, so the picture is of the highest quality, regardless of whether the camera is working in daylight or with artificial lighting, including IR illumination.
The included Auto Iris lens (DC) enables focal length adjustment.
Due to high parameters the camera can be recommended for use in systems where strength, image quality, modern look and affordable price are the key factors. It is used in banks, courts, consulates, airports etc.

Color Day/Night Camera: SN-FX580 (SN-FXP0580XVD/V4-9),<br />  mechanic. switching IR filter, vandal proof ceiling housing
Color Day/Night camera with mechanically switching IR filter - SN-FX580 M10748
Small but effective - Sunell SN-483. The vandal-proof camera MX5634 from Sunell provides a new quality in the group of toughened cameras. Compact vandal-proof devices are needed for monitoring of small rooms. There were problems with getting such cameras, required in various means of transport like coaches, buses, streetcars etc., as well as in elevators/lifts. The applications may also include restaurants, pubs, stores, workshops, hairdressing/beauty salons etc.
The SN-483 M10731 camera is equipped with 1/4" Sony CCD, ensures resolution of 480 TVL and S/N>48 dB.
Vandal Proof Ceiling Camera: SN-483 (SN-FXP0483EVP/B3.6)
New design of vandal-proof camera
- Sunell SN-483
Compact IP camera - PiXORD P428 - easy monitoring of building sites, storage yards and warehouses, parking lots. IP camera PiXORD P428 (K1136) is fixed outdoor camera designed for all-year-round operation. The camera module (with detachable lens) has been placed in watertight IP66-rated aluminum housing equipped with 230VAC/12VDC adapter, heater and fan. The latter elements ensure reliable operation even in extreme weather conditions - they switch on and off automatically to maintain proper internal temperature. The included auto iris lens (variable focal length - from 7.5 to 50 mm, F1.3), built-in 1/3'' CCD 540TVL sensor from Sony and IR filter ensure high quality images in various lighting conditions.
The camera can operate in color or B/W mode (due to IR illuminator with adjustable threshold and range up to 100 m). The features make it ideal for use in outdoor monitoring systems, especially in tough environments typical for industry and construction sites, at various yards with no or low lighting at night, at parking lots etc. Its solid housing is vandal proof.
In such places it is convenient to build wireless systems. ULTIAIR devices, dedicated for transmitting video streams from IP cameras, allow to quickly design and build effective surveillance systems. They eliminate the need of creating cable infrastructure which is often the main obstacle in practical implementations. The whole system can be effectively managed by professional surveillance suite NUUO, with implemented applications of image analysis.
Wireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 423KCMPEG4 IP Camera: Pixord P400PoEWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 319KCOutdoor IP Camera: PiXORD P428
Example video surveillance system based on PiXORD P428 K1136 cameras
Ave of the Stars in Los Angeles - IP CCTV surveillance system. This well-known tourist center in Los Angeles includes The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel, one of its prominent places. The hotel is visited by thousands of tourists, with the greatest stars of Hollywood, so it has to have a monitoring system up to the latest world standards. The hotel management and local installation company decided to use megapixel cameras from ACTi and LuxRiot surveillance software. The surveillance system is based on dome cameras ACM-7411 K1313, and ACM3411 K1314 (Day/Night version). The former type has high quality varifocal lens and IP66-rated vandal-proof housing, the latter model is a compact indoor camera. The cameras provide SXGA (1280 x 1024) images at 8 fps. They are powered via UTP cable (PoE) - it is the simplest solution, easy to implement in existing buildings.
The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel
Why ACTi?

Image quality, compression efficiency, stability and affordable prices are the main reasons for using ACTi cameras. A wide range of offered devices allows to select optimum cameras for any application. Tough times require creative solutions - the company provides cheaper models with professional features, e.g. K1314. PoE option makes it easy to install the cameras, night mode enables 24-hour operation.
A very important feature of ACTi cameras is compatibility with the leading surveillance suites: LuxRiot, Milestone, ULTISYSTEM K3216, NUUO K3116... To sum up, ACTi cameras allow to build professional, reliable IP CCTV systems that are technically and economically optimized.
IP CCTV system in the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel
The most powerful wireless USB adapter - TP-LINK TL-WN422G High-Power. TP-LINK TL-WN422G thanks to USB interface enables quick and easy wireless connection of various computers to WiFi networks. It is especially useful in the case of laptops. Its integrated SMA R/P connector normally cooperates with the included antenna. It is more effective solution than typical internal antenna used in other devices, allowing higher sensitivity and output power (longer range and transmission speed). The wireless adapter supports IEEE 802.11 b/g standards. It allows to use advanced encryption algorithms that protect the wireless network against unauthorized access.
Distinguishing features of the USB adapter:
  • The most powerful USB adapter in the market (Tx power up to 20 dBi)
  • Detachable external antenna (SMA R/P connector),
  • Access Point mode,
  • Energy saving option in AP mode,
  • 64-bit, 128-bit or 256-bit encryption - WEP, WPA,WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES).
A very useful feature of the device is possibility of operation in Access Point mode. It enables access to the resources of the host computer - e.g. at conferences, business meetings etc. The transmission can be protected by a state-of-the-art encryption method and list of permitted MAC addresses. In the next issue we will describe configuration of the card in Access Point mode.
High Power Wireless USB Adapter: TP-LINK TL-WN422G<br />(2.4GHz, 54Mbps, external antenna connector - SMA R/P)
USB adapter TP-LINK TL-WN422G HighPower
How to use wireless connectivity to extend the network. Internet access is nowadays indispensable in any office, store, or hotel. It can be easily distributed among many users by wireless means. The diagram below shows an example when the connection is provided by the ISP (cable TV, DSL, or other operator) via Ethernet interface (for example, cable modem with RJ-45 socket, Ethernet cable etc.).
The equipment used:
  • Access Point with built-in router - TL-WR542G N2950 - for providing connectivity with other buildings,
  • Wireless PCI card TL-WN551G N2970 connected to indoor omnidirectional antenna TP-LINK TL-ANT2405C 5dBi A72713, or wireless USB adapter TP-LINK TL-WN422G HighPower N2921 - for connecting desktop computers,
  • Access Point TP-LINK TL-WA501G N2940 or TL-WR543G N2955 (with WISP) for wireless connectivity and wired distribution via the existing Ethernet network - the desktops in this part of the building are connected to the LAN via PCI NIC TP-LINK TF-3239DL 10/100Mbps N2999,
  • Access Point TP-LINK TL-WA501G N2940 connected to the switch TL-SF1005D N29915. This solution provides scalability - the user may employ 5-, 8-, or 16-port switch.
Wireless PCI Adapter (eXtended Range): TL-WN551GIndoor Omnidirectional Antenna: TP-Link TL-ANT2405C (2.4GHz, 5dB) High Power Wireless USB Adapter: TP-LINK TL-WN422G<br />(2.4GHz, 54Mbps, external antenna connector - SMA R/P) PCI Network Interface Card: TP-Link TF-3239DL 10/100MbpsPCI Network Interface Card: TP-Link TF-3239DL 10/100MbpsWireless Router: TP-Link TL-WR542G  - eXtended Range<br />(with 4-port switch)PCI Network Interface Card: TP-Link TF-3239DL 10/100MbpsPCI Network Interface Card: TP-Link TF-3239DL 10/100MbpsPCI Network Interface Card: TP-Link TF-3239DL 10/100MbpsAccess Point: TP-Link TL-WR543G - eXtended Range <br />(router &4-p switch, WISP, 2.4GHz)PCI Network Interface Card: TP-Link TF-3239DL 10/100MbpsPCI Network Interface Card: TP-Link TF-3239DL 10/100MbpsSwitch TP-Link TL-SF1005D (5 ports)Access Point: TP-Link TL-WA501G <br />(AP/APC/WDS 2.4GHz, eXtended Range)PCI Network Interface Card: TP-Link TF-3239DL 10/100MbpsPCI Network Interface Card: TP-Link TF-3239DL 10/100MbpsPCI Network Interface Card: TP-Link TF-3239DL 10/100Mbps
Example application of TP-LINK devices in several buildings
Mongolia. Gymnastic tricks for tourists and a building with antennas in the capital city - Ulan Bator. By the way, wireless terrestrial and satellite systems are very important in this country, with population density 50 times lower than in France.
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Intelligent video surveillance systems. Intelligent video surveillance system based on image analysis and continuous monitoring of the system performance dramatically improve efficiency of the system management performed by the operator. The unquestionable advantages of such systems are: - the duties of several operators taken over by one person, - elimination of human errors caused mainly by loss of concentration due to monotony of the surveillance job...
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Halogen-free TRISET cables. The new cables from TRISET family - TRISET-113 HF E1019 and TRISET-11HF E1029 are manufactured using HF (halogen free) technology. When burning, they do not give off toxic gases...
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