DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 5/2009 (Feb. 2, 2009)

Megapixel revolution in Prague - Pragoalarm/Pragosec 2009.

The 17th international fair of security equipment, systems and services, fire protection and safety equipment - PRAGOALARM/PRAGOSEC 2009 - will be held from February 24 to 26, 2009. It promises to be the biggest event in this industry in Central - Eastern Europe, because this year the Securex in Poznan does not take place (it is held every two years). Czech market is one of the most advanced and demanding in Europe, so the fair will be attended by leading companies from all over the world (list of the exhibitors).

The fair will be attended by DIPOL's Czech affiliate and DIPOL's Slovak affiliate, presenting products that bring about "A megapixel revolution".
A candidate for the prize of the fair is ULTISYSTEM software, a unique in the world surveillance suite that effectively combines local CCTV systems with city surveillance.
Network video recorder NUUO provides means for recording video streams from megapixel cameras. DIPOL will exhibit megapixel cameras from four world leaders in video surveillance industry (ACTi, IQinVision, Pixord, ULTICAM), including new developments in the market - the devices using H.264 compression.
The organizers have prepared a pool of free tickets for all professional visitors that register here by February 8, 2009.

We invite everyone who is not able to go to Prague to our virtual stand

Where is the tower? - A city of unusual wine.

The name of the city with this television tower is also a well-known brand of wine.
The wine from which the name comes is made in a way that is unique for this kind of alcoholic beverage. After fermentation, in which the alcohol level reaches about 7%, wine spirit should be added, so that the alcohol content increases to 20%. Higher alcohol content makes it easy to store and transport the wine, which was especially important in past times, when most wine for the major consumption markets (England, the Nordic countries) was transported in ships.
In the foreground of this photo there are many buildings with red roofs - in which the wine is stored.
In which city is there the TV tower? - The answer at the end of this issue.
A well-known brand of wine is derived from the name of the city with this TV tower


The hotel is situated in the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland, commonly known as the Jurassic, in the landscape park on the small river Centuria, water of which has first quality class.
The beautiful wooded hills and ravines are really magnetic. One can find many caves and, running for many kilometers, fantastic rock formations, accompanied by the ruins of medieval castles. The biggest of them is near the hotel in Ogrodzieniec-Podzamcze. The beauty of the local nature peculiarities can enchant anyone who visits this place. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there are recreational areas with attractively situated bicycle paths and hiking trails, being of great interest at any time of year.

The investor, planning to equip the hotel with a SMATV system, looked for the highest quality equipment. The demands included availability of a minimum of 10 terrestrial and satellite TV channels received with the highest possible picture and sound quality.
The installation company, RTVPROJEKT, proposed to use ALCAD headend with TP-559 and TP-569 DVB-S receivers. The TP-5XX receivers have internal low-noise VSB-AM modulators enabling adjacent-channel operation.
The signals from the headend are distributed to the outlets via cabling based on top-quality TRISET-113 cable. The cables of TRISET family feature perfect screening efficiency (above 100dB), which is especially important in larger systems with a number of parallel cables. Inadequate screening would cause interferences.
The investor is very satisfied with the results of this undertaking.
offers highest standards of service

Surveillance of railroad facilities in Tibet based on ULTIMAX-516 DVRs.

Systems of control and ensuring safety on the rail route require a substantial amount of work and retrofitting older equipment with the latest means. All this needs enormous financial resources.
A special care had to be paid to the selection of the equipment for the highest railway line (an average of 4.500 m above sea level), through the area covered by tundra vegetation. The installed devices are exposed to extreme climatic conditions such as frost, snow storms, sand, etc.
The railroad in the province of Qinghai and Tibet Autonomous Region in China is monitored with the help of two hundred of ULTIMAX-516 DVRs (M75160). The information is provided on a regular basis from the DVRs operating in different sections to the surveillance center, so it is possible to take quick action in the event of an emergency situation.
The DVRs are manufactured by Hikvision - the world leader in implementation of H.264 compression in digital video recorders. The DVRs are distributed in Europe by DIPOL under the ULTIMAX brand name.

ULTIMAX is a series of 3rd generation digital video recorders, with implemented - so far the most efficient - H.264 compression. Network digital video recorders of ULTIMAX series are excellent digital surveillance products. Equipped with embedded modern MCU and dedicated real-time operating system (RTOS), they combine the most advanced electronic and computer technologies. They have huge storage potential - after installing eight HDDs with 2000GB (2TB) capacity each, the total disc space amounts to 16 TB.
A unique feature of ULTIMAX DVRs is effective cooperation with both analog and IP CCTV devices. It is possible with the use of ULTISYSTEM software, allowing to integrate local monitoring systems with city surveillance.

ULTIMAX DVRs have been awarded Gold Medal of Intertelecom 2008.
A part of the railroad in Tibet

ULTISYSTEM - a unique and honored surveillance software - Archive - part 2.

ULTISYSTEM is a unique in the world surveillance suite that used with ULTIMAX DVRs can effectively combine local analog CCTV systems with modern IP-based city surveillance. The software includes extensive "Archive" function, giving easy access to the recorded material.
In the upper part of the "Archive" window there are time bars. The green sections represent existing recordings from the cameras. The red segments mean a loss of signal. Vertical yellow marks show the moments of switching on and off the system. Placing the cursor (with the mouse) on the bar corresponding to a camera, we get its name, date and recording period. Leaving it longer, we can view the image (in additional window). At this point it is possible to navigate the cursor along the time bar of the camera and browse the recording. By right clicking we can insert or delete tags. The tags are used for marking important events e.g. alarms.
The time bars
A screenshot from ULTISYSTEM software - in the upper part the additional window with the image selected on the camera's time bar

Video monitoring of manufacturing processes.

Quality management is very important at each stage of production process. An important element of quality control is visual monitoring supported by modern technical equipment.
In many processes it is not possible to directly observe all stages of production, so often the only solution is to employ CCTV technology allowing to centralize monitoring of a number of manufacturing steps and control them simultaneously. In the case of any problem the supervisor can immediately correct or stop the process, which minimizes the number of defective products.
Such systems require high quality of the live and recorded video. The camera K1513 provides 8 fps with 1.3 Mpix (1280 x 1024 pixels) resolution, which is suitable for typical applications in quality control systems. It is important to use proper lens, as well. Megapixel cameras require to use adequate megapixel lenses. A very good choice is Tokina M2235 or Computar M2233.
Video monitoring of a manufacturing process enables a single operator to supervise even a dozen or so production stages. Such systems are increasingly used in various industries, from electronics to food processing.
CCTV cameras allow to monitor all phases of electronic assembly

ULTIAIR employed by a city's ISP.

The investor, Internet service provider in Krakow, required high performance and reliability of radio links, with high throughput in the whole backbone network. The main goal was broadband (30 Mbps) wireless connectivity to the central node and between the root node and branch nodes scattered in Nowa Huta district.

The contractor, Zax.pl, has chosen ULTIAIR devices. The family of professional outdoor access points is characterized by short delays and high throughput. The devices have been designed to create efficient wireless IP CCTV and ISP networks.
They operate in unlicensed 5GHz band. Integration of the transceiver (RouterBoard with Mikrotik system) and antenna into one weather-resistant housing enables the installer to perform the job quickly, without additional operations. The outdoor housing of IP 66 class guarantees full protection against adverse weather conditions and corrosive environments.

The wireless network allows to integrate the nodes of the system and ensures easy development of the infrastructure in the future. Everyday operation of the network confirms the guidelines - high throughput and stable work.
ULTIAIR wireless devices in city's ISP network
ULTIAIRWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 423KNWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 423KNWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 423KCWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 423KCWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 423KCWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 423KC
The structure of the system based on ULTIAIR devices

DHCP servers in TP-LINK devices.

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a communication protocol allowing the computers to obtain configuration data from the server (addresses of the host, gateway, DNS server, subnet mask).
To configure DHCP servers in TP-LINK devices the user has to enter DHCP/DHCP Settings tab.
View of the DHCP Settings window in a TP-LINK device

  • DHCP Server - ON (Enable) or OFF (Disable). If the DHCP server is switched off, the network should provide another DHCP server, otherwise all the computers have to be configured manually,
  • Start IP Address - the first address from the IP pool,
  • End IP Address - the last address from the IP pool,
  • Address Lease Time - the period of time with the same dynamic IP address,
  • Default Gateway - IP address of LAN router,
  • Default Domain - local domain name (optional),
  • Primary DNS - the IP of the DNS from the ISP (or IP address of LAN router),
  • Secondary DNS - optional (second) IP of the DNS from the ISP.
Notice! Use of DHCP server requires setting all computers in the LAN to the mode of Automatic Private IP Addressing. If it is just switched on, it will be effective after restarting the router.
The list of active DHCP clients is available in the DHCP/DHCP Clients List tab.
View of the DHCP Clients List in TP-LINK devices

  • ID - list of DHCP clients,
  • Client Name - name of DHCP client,
  • MAC Address - MAC address of DHCP client,
  • Assigned IP - IP address for DHCP client,
  • Lease Time - the period of time after which the lease has to be automatically refreshed.
TP-LINK devices enable reservation of a specified IP address for a given computer, which allows to redirect ports for a specific host (e.g. a computer). It is made in the DHCP/Address Reservation window.

View of the Address Reservation window in a TP-LINK device

  • MAC Address - MAC address of the computer the reservation is made for,
  • Reserved IP Address - the assigned IP address,
  • Status - Enabled or Disabled.

  • click Add New tab,
  • enter MAC address (format: XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX.) and IP address,
  • click Save button.


The second-largest city of Portugal. The first historical information of the city comes from the V century. In the XVII century, English merchants "discovered" the wine produced in the region. They liked it so much that a trade agreement was signed between the two states, and the wine entered English wine market. Thanks to the English merchants the Porto region began to grow rapidly, and soon became famous for the wine bearing its name all over the world.
Coimbra - the city with the oldest Portuguese university.
Even the advocates of anarchy do not cut themselves off from the indoctrination device (television).
The antennas and "climate paintings" on the commune house in Coimbra.
To see more from Portugal - go to Telecommunications in Portugal.
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