DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 7/2009 (Feb.16, 2009)
Recession, depression, crisis? - CeBIT 2009. "Discover a world of ICT opportunity" (ICT - Information and Communication Technology) is the main focus of this year CeBIT Fair to be held in Hanover on March 3-8.
Guiding themes of the trade fair will include Webciety (Web Society) and Green IT.
Webciety seems to be the number one - the framework of this project will promote solutions and companies related to Enterprise 2.0, Open Source, blogging, wiki-type sites, on-line conferencing and Internet banking.
Enterprise 2.0 means a change in the approach to the concept of Internet business - the focus is to increase the role of existing customers and enable them to participate in the creation and circulation of information. An example of well-known tool of Enterprise 2.0 are blogs.
The second guiding idea of CeBIT, Green IT, is the European response to the development of information technology and telecommunications market in Asia and the U.S. (you have to cope with all circumstances, said the head shepard, tying his shoes with earthworms).
In January, Motorola Inc. was recognized with one of the world's foremost industrial design honors - iF product design award. The winner has been Motorola's APX 7000 portable multi-band two-way radio. The iF Design Award was introduced in 1953 and is granted annually by the German-based iF International Forum Design. This year the iF judges reviewed as usual nearly 3000 products submitted from 39 countries. The awarded products will be presented at CeBIT 2009 in iF pavilion.
Last year there were over 5900 exhibitors at CeBIT, their products and offers saw over 400000 visitors.
Recession, depression, crisis? - according to the fair promo the remedy for these evils is to participate in events at CeBIT 2009.
So... let's examine the treatment in Hanover.
We are pleased to inform you that our CeBIT 2008 photo report has been accepted by Wikipedia administrators for English, Japanese, and Russian versions - as an illustration of the events that took place at the exhibition.
CeBIT 2008 - was the new concept a success?
CeBIT 2008 - was the new concept a success?
Klaas mower
Panasonic surveillance camera
The products above got IF Design Awards in 2008.
This year the product recognized for excellence in design is Motorola APX
Country of solid antenna masts. In Spain there are high framework masts, in Holland - steel tube masts - often placed directly on the ground and sturdy enough to withstand the strong fall winds blowing from the sea.
The country with the mast shot below does not lie in Europe. Where to go to see such masts? If you have no idea go to the end of this issue.
In which country can you spot such constructions?
The answer at the end of this issue
Installation of connectors on TRISET-11 cable. The installers working on a regular basis in MATV/cable TV systems are well aware of the problems with preparing F connections on the high quality coaxial RF cable. Due to thick braid, it is difficult to insert the internal mandrel of some types of the connectors. Application of the new F connectors (E80360) of American PCT company eliminates such problems and guarantees easy installation.
The preparation begins with stripping the sheath from the cable with E80035 tool. Then the connector goes on the cable and is compressed with the Universal Compression Tool PCT-AIO-CT (E80075). The whole job takes less than 20 seconds. As the typical system in a building requires tens of connectors, the modern compression technology can save hours of hard (and unnecessary) work.

There are available the following PCT connectors:

Insulation Stripper HT-322S (for RG 8, 11, 213, H1000)
Compression F Connector: PCT DRS-11QP (for TRISET-11)
Universal Compression Tool PCT-AIO-CT<br />(for compressing BNC, F, IEC, RCA connectors)
Insulation stripper
for TRISET-11 cable
Compression F connector
for TRISET-11 cable
Universal compression tool
(BNC, F, IEC, RCA connectors)
All PCT connectors follow strict recommendations of SCTE (The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers).
Different versions of popular CPD560 DVR. Customers often choose equipment according to the name of a model/group of devices and do not pay enough attention to significant differences among versions in the group. Comparing prices from various suppliers they tend to choose the less expensive device, and therefore the least equipped or with outdated accessories.
An example of this situation is the CPD560 (AVC760) DVR M85039, offered by many companies in various versions. The differences include kind of video compression, type of hard drive supported, and optional SATA adapter:
  • CPD560 - MJPEG, ATA,
  • CPD560 - MJPEG, ATA + SATA adapter,
  • CPD560 - MPEG-4, ATA,
  • CPD560 - MPEG-4, ATA + SATA adapter,
  • CPD560 - MPEG-4, SATA.
The cheapest version uses MJPEG compression and is prepared for ATA hard drive. MJPEG compressed video requires two times more disc space than the same material recorded in MPEG-4 (at the same quality level). It is a significant limitation of the available storage potential. MPEG-4 compression also requires lower bandwidth of the network, or, using the same transmission speed, ensures better quality of the transmitted video.
Use of SATA HDDs is more economical than application of "vanishing" and more expensive ATA drives.
DIPOL offers the most advanced version of CPD560 DVR - MPEG-4/SATA M85039.
Color CCTV Camera: U-cam 110 (without lens)Color CCTV Camera: U-cam 110 (without lens)Color CCTV Camera: U-cam 110 (without lens)Outdoor Color CCTV Camera: VF-515 IR/B<br /> (with 4-9 mm varifocal lens and IR illuminator)Digital Video Recorder: CPD560 (4-ch, MPEG-4, SATA, LAN)
CPD560 (AVC760) M85039 is often used in monitoring systems in small stores.
We offer the most advanced and cost-effective version.
ULTISYSTEM - a unique and honored surveillance software - cooperation with alarm inputs and relay outputs. ULTISYSTEM software allows to utilize I/O modules of IP devices. Most IP CCTV devices have such modules with alarm inputs and relay outputs.
ULTISYSTEM enables the operator in the monitoring center to see the statuses of the inputs and control the outputs. It is very important function in the case of "intelligent" buildings. The management over the inputs/outputs is maintained through the status/control panel (see below) that is always active during monitoring a camera.

For example, ULTISYSTEM can manage:
  • alarm system (SSWiN in the block diagram)
  • fire prevention system,
  • access control system,
  • power and control systems (lighting, gate drivers, door entry, etc.)
More on this subject in the next issue.
Input status / output control panel in ULTISYSTEM
Block diagram of the systems using I/O devices controlled by ULTISYSTEM
Transmission of CCTV data across IP network. The main advantage of IP CCTV systems is use of IP protocols enabling packet transmission. This kind of transmission allows to combine many signals (data streams) that can be transmitted via one cable or other transmission medium (on the condition of adequate bandwidth). It gives a great superiority over analog systems based on DVRs that require a separate cable for each channel. However, it is possible to integrate both systems. The coupling device is transcoder, decoding MPEG-4 stream from an IP device and converting it (in real time) to high-quality analog video. In ACTi systems this function is performed by ACTi ACD-3100 K2413. The device also enables bidirectional audio transmission in the network and hardware motion detection. It can decode PTZ commands (RS485), as well as supports alarm functions (I/O signals). The transcoder is compatible with all ACTi devices working at PAL/NTSC resolutions, for example fixed camera (K1117), high-speed ptz camera K1215, video server K2113.
Video servers and transcoders allow to build hybrid CCTV systems utilizing analog equipment and providing the functionality of IP networks.
Video Server: ACTi SED-2140T1.3 Mpix IP Dome Camera: ACTi ACM-3401IP PTZ Camera: ACTi ACM-8511IP Speed Dome Day/Night Camera: ACTi CAM-6621 (MPEG-4)Transcoder ACTi ACD-3100Network DVR: ULTIMAX-504 (H.264, 4 channels)System Control Unit DS-1003
Hybrid CCTV system based on IP transmission
DMZ function in TP-LINK TL-WR542G N2950 (example device). DMZ function (exposed host) allows full bi-directional communication between one client computer and the Internet, for specific purposes like Internet games (requiring connections with predefined ports), video conferences etc.
As a rule, routers block all non-standard ports, denying access to such online services. DMZ host redirects all ports allowing full communication. The computer with redirected ports has to have permanent IP address and is not allowed to use DHCP client function (it could change this IP address).
TP-LINK TL-WR542G 54Mbps is a wireless router that comprises router, firewall, and access point. The main applications include small and medium-size businesses, one-family houses and apartments. TP-LINK TL-WR542G provides a quick and convenient way of building wired and wireless network based on one external broadband service. The network, consisting of a number of computers, is additionally protected by firewall.

To configure DMZ host in TL-WR542G N2950, enter the Forwarding >> DMZ tab and:
  • mark Enable option,
  • fill in the DMZ Host IP Address field (IP of the computer in LAN),
  • clik Save to save the setiings.
Forwarding >> DMZ box in TP-LINK N2950
ULTIAIR - ideal devices for transmission of video data. Installation of a classical video surveillance system in a functioning parking lot is expensive and time-consuming. Usually, it also temporarily excludes some parts of the area from normal service. A modern and safe solution to the problems is wireless transmission. Application of ULTIAIR devices allows to install IP surveillance system very quickly. The camera points can be moved to other desired positions. This concept of mobile system allows to use it for surveillance of open-air mass events, fairs etc.
ULTIAIR is a family of professional, highly-efficient outdoor Access Points. Their electronic modules and antennas are integrated into outdoor housings of IP 66 class, which guarantees full protection against adverse weather conditions. The mounting system combines reliability and ease of assembly.
Wireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 417SBWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 323KCIP Speed Dome Day/Night Camera: ACTi CAM-6621 (MPEG-4)IP Speed Dome Day/Night Camera: ACTi CAM-6621 (MPEG-4)Wireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 323KCIP Speed Dome Day/Night Camera: ACTi CAM-6621 (MPEG-4)Wireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 323KC
Monitoring of a parking lot e.g. of a shopping moll.
The video streams from ACTi cameras are wirelessly transmitted with ULTIAIR APs to the monitoring center. The center and the whole system are managed by ULTISYSTEM software.
ULTIAIR - efficient and secure wireless data transmission
ULTISYSTEM - integration of analog cameras and IP devices <br />into one system
Jordan. The earlier roots of Jordan as an independent state can be traced back to The Kingdom of Petra, which was founded by The Nabataeans, an ancient Arabic Semitic people. Petra enjoyed prosperity, wealth and independence hundreds of years until it was occupied by the emerging Roman empire. Beside the Nabataeans, Jordan witnessed many other smaller ancient kingdoms including the Kingdom of Edom, the Kingdom of Ammon and the Kingdom of Moab, all of which are mentioned in the Bible. During the Greco-Roman influence a number of semi-independent city-states also appeared in Jordan under the umbrella of the Decapolis. Later, Jordan became part of the Arabic Islamic Empire across its different Caliphates stages including Rashidun Empire, Umayyad Empire and Abbasid Empire. After the decline of the Abbasid, Jordan was ruled by several conflicting powers including the Mongols, the Crusades (a few dozen years sice 1099, as the part of The Kingdom of Jerusalem), the Ayyubid and the Mamluk until it became part of the Ottoman Empire (1517 -1918). (Adapted from Wikipedia)
The main tourist attraction of Jordan is the ancient Nabataean city of Petra
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