DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 28/2009 (Sept. 7, 2009)
Do the Chinese have the best digital TV standard in the world? In China, Digital TV Receiver Stick Platinum ProHDTV costs about 50 EUR. It allows to receive digital HDTV in different locations and on the go (including use in a car). It supports DMB-T/H (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting Terrestrial/Handheld) standard. The user can simultaneously receive two different programs (one for watching, the second for recording) or use PIP (Picture-in-Picture) function allowing to watch both programs on one screen, as well as other functions typical for modern digital TV receivers. This functionality is a consequence of adopting DMB-T/H standard that is the equivalent of the newly developed for implementation DVB-T2 (Digital Video Broadcasting - Second Generation Terrestrial) and DVB-H2 (Digital Video Broadcasting - Second Generation Handheld) being still under development - both in Europe.
Digital TV receiver (for fixed and mobile applications)
using DMB-T/H standard - Digital TV Receiver Stick Platinum ProHDTV from Magic-Pro
(picture from magic-pro.com)
In 1996 the United States adopted national standard of digital terrestrial TV - ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee). A year later the European Union decided to adopt its own standard - DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial). In 2003 the Japanese adapted to technical feasibility of that time their own ISDB-T standard (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting - Terrestrial). However, it appeared another time that the Chinese have a great talent for developing and implementing new technical solutions, and - before the Olympics in Beijing, in the end of 2006 - approved their own digital HDTV standard that currently seems to be the best one. Its official name is GB20600-2006 (unofficially: DMB-T/H - Digital Multimedia Broadcasting Terrestrial/Handheld).
Lagging behind other world "players" did the Chinese good - it helped to take into account developments in the field of coding techniques, making the HD television standard more modern than others. DMB-T/H allows to receive broadcasts even in vehicles moving at a speed of 200 km/h.
Digital television standards differ mainly in two aspects. One is bandwidth, which determines how much information can be distributed, while the second is capability of mobility, which means possibility of reception on the move (if so, up to what speed).
The success of the Chinese was possible due to combining mechanisms allowing to receive HD broadcasts in fixed and mobile environments. This feature is available through the use of TDM-OFDM (Time Domain Synchronous - Orthogonal Division Multiplexing). It minimizes the effects of signal degradation caused by heterogeneous nature of the phenomena associated with propagation (reflection, refraction, interference, and unpredictable strengthening and weakening of signal level associated with moving and the Doppler effect).

Online poll on the cover of printed catalog DIPOL 2010. Which will be cover of the 2010 catalog? Well known designer from Krakow, Mr Lukasz Kozak, has prepared four designs, from which we have to choose one. Like every year, we arrange online voting. You are welcome to attend.

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Professional antenna installations - PCT connectors. Installation components are of great importance for quality of the whole system. The distribution network should guarantee high parameters, resistance to interferences and aging. For that purpose DIPOL recommends the family of TRISET cables and dedicated connectors - IEC E3005 and F E80340. They ensure the highest quality and stability of connections and allow to avoid typical problems during installation work and system startup.
Return loss about 28 dB up to 1 GHz and high screening efficiency (80 dB) ensure that the PCT connectors belong to the the best products in the world market. These parameters are the result of special construction, protected by many patents, as well as the use of high quality materials (non-ferrous metals, modern dielectrics).
The construction of the connector ensures perfect contacts without backlash and long lifetime.
Compression F Connector: PCT TRS-9 NT<br />(for TRISET-113)
Compression F Connector: PCT DRS-11QP (for TRISET-11)
F connector TRS-9 NT PCT
for TRISET-113 cable
F connector DRQ-11QP PCT
for TRISET-11 cable
Compressed F connectors for TRISET-113 E1015 and TRISET-11 E1029 cables have been designed by American PCT company. Their unique construction is protected by many patents. They have precision screw threads and two circumferential compression rings that hold the cable around its whole circumference. One of the rings keeps the position of the cable inside the connector, the second ensures integrity with the sheath and braking resistance over 600 N.
Sectional view of the TRS-9 NT PCT E80340 F connector
1 - color marker in the rear part makes it easier to identify individual connector
2 - freely rotatable nut (before and after compression)
3 - two compression rings

PCT connectors should be installed with the dedicated Universal compression tool PCT-AIO-CT E80075.

Building antenna systems with distribution networks based on TRISET cables and PCT connectors, the installation company guarantees highest parameters and many years of trouble-free service of the installations.
Time for Super HAD CCD II. Sony image sensors have a deserved reputation. Manufacturers widely use them in CCTV cameras and the customers appreciate the popular very sensitive Super HAD CCD type.
Cameras with Super HAD CCD sensors ensure true colors, the images are sharp and clear. But in some specific situations like strong light directed on the camera or dimness, the results may be not satisfactory.
Sony has practically eliminated these problems in its new Super HAD CCD II sensor, which is much more sensitive than its predecessor - as much as by 7 dB. New, better effects are possible by improving sensitivity of the sensor in the function of the wavelength. The Super HAD CCD II sensor also substantially improves the image quality as the consequence of increasing the sensor surface. Another improvement is a better material of color filter. There were also carried out minor changes in the shape and height of the micro-filter. Sony Super HAD II provides much better results than the predecessor - mainly in low-light conditions, where the new sensor ensures better colors and higher sensitivity.
Comparison of images from two cameras: on the left - CCTV camera equipped with CCD SONY Super HAD; on the right - CCTV camera with CCD SONY Super HAD II. Source: www.sony.net
Vandal proof CCTV cameras with Super HAD II sensors. Cameras used for monitoring of schools, tunnels, train and bus stations etc. have to meet special demands. The camera must be resistant to acts of vandalism, and the image transmitted from the camera should be of high quality.
These expectations are perfectly met in the V-CAM 515+ IR M10751 camera equipped with 1/3'' Super HAD CCD II sensor from SONY. V-CAM 515 + IR M10751 ensures resolution of 550 TVL and sensitivity of 0.01 lx. In its modern, vandal proof housing there are IR LEDs. The features guarantee superb images both during the day and at night. In order to facilitate the installation of the camera it is possible to buy the version with bracket - M10750.
Vandal Proof CCTV Camera: V-CAM 515 + IR
Color CCTV camera V-CAM 515 + IR
with vandal proof housing
and Sony Super HDD CCD II sensor
Practical CCTV system based on ULTIMAX DVRs of 100 and 200 series. Wholesale electric company in Krakow decided to build video surveillance system based on 4 cameras and ULTIMAX-104 DVR. After a short period of operation - because of the usefulness of CCTV - it was decided to expand the system by additional 8 cameras.
Currently the company uses 3 DVRs: one ULTIMAX-104 M71040 and two ULTIMAX 204 M72040. The next step will be adding a 2-megapixel camera mounted above the cash register.
The whole system is integrated by ULTIMAX Client software.
At the same time, the company wants to implement a system to monitor via the Internet its branches located throughout the country.
The implementation is a typical example illustrating the benefits of modular construction of the monitoring system, which relies on the possibility of joining dozens of any ULTIMAX DVRs and IP cameras. Such a system is easy to expand and upgrade, and a number of DVRs working in the network instead of one allow for flexible response in case of failure.

ULTIMAX DVRs are excellent examples of professional equipment at a reasonable price. The DVRs, similarly to IP cameras of ULTICAM and video servers of ULTINET, use efficient H.264 compression that has lower bandwidth requirements than previous video coding systems.
The whole modular system can be integrated by free client software, or, in the case of using IP devices, by professional ULTISYSTEM software providing possibility of employing modern IP devices of ACTi, IQinVision, and other leading manufacturers.
ULTIMAX-104 and 204 DVRs have been integrated into one system by client software
We encourage you to describe your implementations.
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How to get "Chameleon mug"?
Megapixel video surveillance at mobile carrier. Utel - mobile phone company in Ukraine - decided to substantially improve safety levels in its seats, introducing video monitoring systems. Due to experience in IP technology, the company chose IP solutions.
The cameras in the headquarters in Kiev cover server and control rooms, as well as customer reception area. Due to the existing infrastructure, it was decided to use PoE equipment (powered via twisted-pair cables).
The system includes 29 cameras: 24 x ACM-4201 K1514, ACM-7411 K1313, 4 x ACM-1311 K1117.
Megapixel cameras provide the security staff with crystal clear images which enable them to digitally zoom any fragment in order to see interesting details, both in the live mode and from the archive recordings.
Megapixel IP Camera: ACTi ACM-42011.3 Mpix Dome Camera: ACTi ACM-7411MPEG-4 IP Camera: ACTi ACM-1311 (IR)
The diagram of the monitoring system at mobile carrier
The "longest" CCTV lens on the market - Tokina 10-120 mm! In many installations there is no possibility of mounting the camera near the observed object or there is the need for a large optical zoom to see small details.
It is difficult to obtain high quality close-ups. Therefore, the market offers lenses up to 100 mm maximum. The exception is the M2314, with an extra-wide range from 10 to 120 mm. It allows to see every detail even from very far away (the minimum viewing angle of the lens is only about 3 degrees). However, nothing is for free: big zoom means a big size - more than 12 cm! This is more than the length of some camera models. Therefore, the lens is also equipped with fastening to a bracket or housing, so, in fact, the camera can be screwed to the lens.
CCTV Lens: Tokina 10-120 mm  F1.6 DC A/I
View of the Tokina 10-120 mm lens
Images at the extreme settings of the M2314 lens
10 mm
120 mm
Despite the large size there is no problem with mounting the lens in standard housings. The picture below shows the M2314 lens cooperating with popular Sunell M11202 camera put into Maraton M5406 housing. As seen, the outer casing houses the set of camera-lens without any alterations.
Tokina 10-120 mm M2314 cooperating with Sunell M11202 camera in Maraton M5406 housing
Professional network devices for wireless transmission. DIPOL has expanded the range of network equipment by the family of devices with Mikrotik software. MikroTik operating system based on Linux is designed for professional networking applications. It allows for creation of advanced network systems based on static or dynamic routing. Thanks to expanded firewall and queuing the system enables the user to easily manage the bandwidth of Internet connections.

The list of all Mikrotik devices and accessories:
  • Main board: RouterBoard 411 N24113
RouterBoard 411 (MikroTik license level 3)
Indoor Housing RB133c/411 (for RouterBoard 133c/411)
Main board RouterBoard 411
Indoor housing for RouterBoard 411
Distinguishing features:
  • processor: Atheros AR7130
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • 1 slot for wireless module
  • 1 Ethernet port
  • MikroTik license level: 3
RouterBoard 411 is run by MikroTik with 3 license level. This level includes station mode (client), which allows to establish connection with base station (in Access Point mode), creating efficient data link.
  • Main board RouterBoard 411A N24114
RouterBoard 411U (MikroTik license level 4)
Indoor Housing RB133c/411 (for RouterBoard 133c/411)
Main board RouterBoard 411A
Indoor housing for RouterBoard 411A
Distinguishing features:
  • processor: Atheros AR7130
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • 1 slot for wireless module
  • 1 Ethernet port
  • MikroTik license level: 4
RouterBoard 411A is run by MikroTik with 4 license level. This level includes access point mode (ap bridge), which allows to use the boards for creating base stations.
  • Main board RouterBoard 433 N24334
RouterBoard 433 (MikroTik license level 4)
Indoor Housing RB433 (for RouterBoard 333/433)
Mai board RouterBoard 433
Indoor housing for RouterBoard 433
Distinguishing features:
  • processor: Atheros AR7130 300MHz
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • 3 slots for wireless modules
  • 3 Ethernet ports
  • MikroTik license level: 4
RouterBoard 433 is run by MikroTik with 4 license level. This level includes access point mode (ap bridge), which allows to use the boards for creating base stations. Three slots for wireless modules can be used for creating independent wireless links. The Atheros AR7130 300 MHz processor and large RAM memory (64 MB) ensure high computing power that is needed for backbones of wireless networks.
  • Accessories
Wireless Mini PCI Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN662AG (2.4 &5GHz, 108 Mbps, eXtended Range)
Versatile Outdoor Housing<br />(for WLAN devices)
MiniPCI WLAN card: TP-Link TL-WN562AG 2.4 &5 GHz 54 Mb/s
Outdoor housing for WLAN devices

uF Socket to N-female Cable
uF Socket to  SMA RP Socket Cable
Antenna connector
uF Socket to N-female Cable
Antenna connector
uF Socket to SMA RP Socket Cable
PoE Adapter (230VAC / 24VDC, 0.75A)
PoE Adapter (230VAC / 24VDC, 0.75A)
Efficient wireless transmission in 5 GHz band with the use of ULTIAIR devices. Implementation of a base station with the possibility of connecting a large number of users requires the investor to use professional equipment. The equipment must be characterized by high efficiency, allowing for seamless transmission of large amounts of packages and uninterrupted transmission. The ideal solution is application of ULTIAIR family. The devices of the family are designed for efficient long-term outdoor operation and allow to create professional wireless IP CCTV and ISP networks.

The main features of ULTIAIR devices:
  • Flexible configuration;
  • Possibility of creating advanced network systems;
  • Efficient data transmission (ULTIAIR Nstreme N2320 - up to 54 Mb/s in each direction);
  • Weather-resistant housing (IP 66);
  • Quick configuration of Access Point, Bridge, and HOTSPOT modes;
  • Easy installation.
Wireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 423KNWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 423KNWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 417SBWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 417SBWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 417SBWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 417SBWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 417SBWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 417SB
The diagram shows a base station design. The server room is connected with the base station via ULTIAIR devices 423KN N2320 (throughput of 40 Mb/s in both directions). The base station employs ULTIAIR 417SB N2330 devices. The use of 4-6 devices allows for good coverage of the area within a range of 360 degrees.

SAT KRAK 2009 - the exhibition and the accompanying conferences will be held from October 15 to 17, 2009. Organizers of the exhibition, as in previous years, are Hollstar company and editors of digital TV magazine SAT KURIER.
SAT KRAK 2009 is one of the biggest events in the satellite TV industry in Eastern Europe.
As every year the fair will be held at the CHEMOBUDOWA Exhibition Center. The main exhibition hall (1800 square meters) can house more than 100 stands.

SAT KRAK 2009 website
During the fair, best SAT TV products get various prizes. In 2008, the best headend was TERRA MMH-3000.
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