DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 39/2009 (Nov. 23, 2009)
Before the 4G - changes among leaders. The year 2010 promises to be a breakthrough in wireless communications. Everything seems to indicate that the 4G standard will be adopted and practically implemented by the first commercial networks using this technology. The promise of huge investment gives rise to increasing speculation which of the industry tycoons is best prepared to become a world leader in wireless communications. Last year, the leader was Ericsson (36% market share), the second place took Nokia (20%), and the third - Huawei (11%). However, this year brings some significant change to that ranking. According to forecasts, by the end of the year the annual turnover of Ericsson will come to US$ 26 billion, of Huawei - 18.4 billion, and of Nokia - 15.7 billion. The Chinese giant will probably increase sales by 21%, just opposite to Nokia with about 22% drop in the figure.

Is there a chance that the trend of rapid growth of Huawei's market position will continue in the next year?

Huawei is a world leader of TD - LTE technology which has been selected by China Mobile as the basis for the construction of Chinese 4G network. Installation of the infrastructure will start as early in the beginning of 2010. Huawei will be the primary equipment supplier. Already in May, at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, a pilot 4G network will start operation in China. The potential of the Chinese market may be crucial, but equally important is the winning of the prestigious tender for 4G in Norway. Huawei beat Ericsson in the Nordic market, which was quite a sensation. Advanced talks between Vodafone and Huawei on 4G in the German market may indicate that it will be another success of the Chinese supplier. Similar negotiations are conducted in Spain. Great potential of Huawei allows for rapid growth, so in 2010 it may become a global leader in wireless technologies.
The 4G system should guarantee mobile data transfer rates of 100 Mbps, and in the case of fixed equipment - 1 Gbps. Development of mobile technology in the direction of 4G is currently achieved mainly in two ways: WiMAX and LTE.
In November this year, ITU (International Telecommunication Union) approved 6 solutions as the basis for the final decision on the adoption of international standard, among them LTE (including Chinese TD-LTE) and WiMAX 2.0 (802.16m). Final adoption of the standard is to be announced on next year's October. Specialists estimate that China may own more than 40% of patents concerning leading telecommunications technologies.

"Generation Mobile" - a new era in telecommunications. The data rates offered by the 4G systems will allow to transmit HD television to mobile devices.
Buddha guards the quality of connections - what is the name of the temple? The telephone booths with statues of Buddha, visible in the pictures below, are located in a temple complex in the city of Dengfeng. The temples were built in the fifth century, then they were several times destroyed and rebuilt. The most severe devastation (about 90%) took place in 1928, as a result of military operations.
A true renaissance of the temples began in 1982 and was associated with a movie about this place, which was released at that time. The fame of the place steadily grew, the temple complex was attended by more and more tourists. The first government leader who visited this place was Vladimir Putin.
In Dengfeng there is a dozen of sports schools, the largest of which is attended by about 20 000 students. The training and education is particularly useful in the police and army. What is the name of the temple complex with the telephone booths decorated with the statues of Buddha? You can find the answer at the end of this issue.
What is the name of the temple complex with the telephone booths decorated with the statues of Buddha?
The answer at the end of this issue.
Software for professional designing of SMATV systems - SatNet 2.0.2. Network planning and design with the use of a sheet of paper and a pencil is laborious and entails the risk of error. Free software from TERRA - SatNet 2.0.2 - allows to design installations based on the equipment manufactured by the company. The program allows to prepare the project in graphical form, to determine signal levels in all outlets and verify if they are compliant with standards, and to decide whether to use equalization function of the amplifiers. The program enables the user to archive the projects.

You can download SatNet tutorial (2.55 MB) allowing for quick learning of the SatNet 2.0.2 procedures on your own.
The SatNet 2.0.2 software is available here (12.6 MB), in the download section of DIPOL website.
Basic information:
  • freeware software license;
  • no need of installation;
  • for Windows 98, XP, Vista;
  • system requirements: 1 GHz CPU, resolution 768x1024.
The window of the SatNet2.0 application for designing SMATV systems
During spring training session (February-March 2010) DIPOL will conduct advanced training in the design of multiswitch installations with the use of SatNet program.
Video surveillance of a small shop. Below there is an example of CCTV system in a small shop.
Ceiling Color Camera: CX-412D (with lens)Ceiling Color Camera: CX-412D (with lens)CCTV 19Ceiling Color Camera: CX-412D (with lens)Ceiling Color Camera: CX-412D (with lens)Network DVR: ULTIMAX-204 (H.264, 4 channels)Video Signal Multiplexer RV-1/2CCTV 19
An example of CCTV system in a retail shop

1 - stockroom
2 - cash desk
3 - salesroom

DIPOL offers economic devices allowing to record quality video, with possibility of further expansion of the system - analog CCTV cameras CX-412D M10730 and DVR ULTIMAX 204 M72040:
Ceiling Color Camera: CX-412D (with lens)
Distinguishing features of the CX-412D M10730 camera:
  • 1/3" Super HAD CCD sensor from Sony
  • video resolution: 420 TVL
  • focal length of the lens: 3.6 mm
  • competitive price
Network DVR: ULTIMAX-204 (H.264, 4 channels)
Distinguishing features of the ULTIMAX 204 M72040 DVR:
  • H.264 compression
  • based on its own RTOS
  • recording of 4 video channels (4CIF at 25 fps)
Professional IP CCTV system for the price of an analog one. Professional and relatively cheap PiXORD IP cameras can be used for building video surveillance system based on computer networks, for the price compared to that of a typical analog CCTV installation.
The P400PoE K1131 camera has the same parameters of the image sensor as the best analog cameras available on the market (1/3" CCD Sony, 540 TVL, 0,1 lx - F2,0), for competitive price.
Each PiXORD camera comes with free professional software pack based on NUUO software, allowing to integrate up to 32 PiXORD devices.The only additional expense is the cost of the computer for software installation. Such a cheap system allows recording video from each of the 32 cameras at speed of 25 fps at Full D1 resolution (independently). The installation can be performed in stages, starting with one camera, ending with as many as 32 cameras.
MPEG4 IP Camera: Pixord P400PoE
IP CCTV system in MZK bus depot in Kedzierzyn-Kozle, Poland, is based on PiXORD K1136 cameras. All 16 video streams from the cameras are recorded in Full D1 (720x576) resolution at 25 fps. For similar effects, an analog system should be equipped with a 400 fps/4CIF (704x576) DVR that would cost about 2300 Euros.
12 questions for those who plan to build CCTV installation - part 6. In the last part of the cycle on planning the construction of a CCTV system we should consider transmission security, operation and maintenance of the system.
10. What is the sufficient range and security level of signal transmission?
Application of digital signal processing allows for transmitting the signals over the Internet without the constraints associated with distance limits of analog systems. IP video transmission opens up new possibilities of monitoring remote places, it improves safety and lowers costs. However, already in the design phase, it requires reservation of appropriate telecommunications services (with suitable bandwidth, fixed IP address, QoS etc.).
The transmission of digital video offers many advantages. The main are the ease of transmission and possibility of protection against unauthorized access. Digital technology enables transmission of multiple signals using a single medium (e.g. twisted-pair cable, optical fiber, wireless link). In addition, digital signals can be easily encrypted, making it impossible to be intercepted by unauthorized parties.
Ethernet Media Converter ULTIMODE M-023M<br />(two multimode fibers up to 2 km)
Fiber Optic Video Converter ULTIMODE V-201D<br />(WDM, 1 x video, 1 x data)
Ethernet Media Converter L10021
Fiber Optic Video Converter L2121
11. How to train security guards?
To take full advantage of the monitoring system, the staff should be thoroughly trained. The operators should know and be able to use all functions that allow to take full advantage of the system, in various situations. Access to written instructions for the system, including basic procedures in the case of typical problems will allow the operators to solve such problems without calling specialists.
12. Who and how is going to maintain the system?
Mechanical devices with moving parts require lubrication, housings - tightness inspection, lenses - cleaning. It is important to clarify who is responsible for the inspections and maintenance. The tasks are often performed by the installation company, after signing a contract for a definite or indefinite period of time.
Quality of Service. Quality of Service determines the level of service quality offered to network users.
QoS is a set of technologies that allow users to receive a predictable level of network services, among other things: bandwith, delay, jitter, dropped packets, bit error ratio.
QoS guarantees are essential when network resources are insufficient, especially for multimedia applications that stream real-time data, such as VoIP, VTC, IPTV. QoS guarantees play an important role also in the cases where network resources are sufficient, but some services have the highest priority, for example in military or emergency applications.
Wireless access network based on TP-Link devices. The lack of LAN wiring greatly reduces the functionality of office buildings, warehouses, hotels. Quick, cheap and effective way of solving this problem is to install wireless access network. The network based on ADSL (analog telephone line) and wireless transmission equipment consists of:
  • ADSL (Annex A) Router with 4-port Switch: TP-Link TD-8840T - N2907. The device enables connection to the Internet provided by the ADSL technology. The router is connected with the access point;
  • Access Point with eXtended Range: TP-Link TL-WA500G - N2941. It distributes the signal wirelessly in the building. In order to increase the range, one may use another access point set up in repeater mode;
  • Wireless CardBus Adapter with eXtended Range: TP-Link TL-WN510G (2.4GHz 54Mbps) - N2930. Thanks to this device, laptops with PCMCIA interface can wirelessly connect to the wireless network;
  • Wireless PCI Adapter with eXtended Range: TL-WN551G - N2970 - for desktop computers.
Access Point with eXtended Range: TP-Link TL-WA500G<br />(AP/APC/WDS 2.4GHz, PoE)Access Point with eXtended Range: TP-Link TL-WA500G<br />(AP/APC/WDS 2.4GHz, PoE)Wireless PCI Adapter (eXtended Range): TL-WN551GWireless CardBus Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN510G (2.4GHz 54Mbps, eXtended Range)ADSL (Annex A) Router with 4-port Switch: TP-Link TD-8840TWireless USB Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN321G (2.4GHz 54Mbps)
In the case of a greater number of users (> 15), the performance of the wireless network may be insufficient. The problem can be solved by creating another wireless network operating on a different channel.
Shaolin Monastery. The temple complex with the characteristic telephone booths is known as Shaolin Temple. It was discovered for the western world after the making of the "Shaolin Temple" movie, with Jet Li.
The sports schools in Dengfeng instruct tens of thousands of young students how to do kung-fu
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Safe cables. Safety regulations for public buildings that house many people (hospitals, schools, theaters) require that during a fire the cabling cannot pose an additional threat to the life or health of the people. The cables have to be halogen free (HF) - they cannot give off toxic gases. When burned, the cables also cannot feed the fire, emit thick or corrosive fumes...
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Taps with graded attenuation allow to compensate different distances. Signal level of any TV channel in each subscriber outlet should be between 62 - 80 dBuV. Weaker signals will cause visible "snow" in the picture, stronger ones may be the reason of overdriving the receiving equipment and interference...
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Two ways of using TP-LINK TL-WR543G. TP-LINK TL-WR543G N2955 can be used both for wired and wireless access to the Internet.
The TL-WR543G Wireless AP Client Router (N2955) integrates broadband router (for xDSL service or cable modem), 4-port FastEthernet switch, and Access Point...
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