DIPOL Weekly Review - TV and SAT TV, CCTV, WLAN

No. 23/2010 (June 7, 2010)

A new era of the Internet.

The Internet in the current formula has already exhausted its possibilities. The data transmission network with a capacity of about 4 billion addresses no longer corresponds to the current requirements. Two key challenges facing the Internet are the increase of the address space and the improvement of multimedia transmission.
The increase of the number of addresses will be guaranteed by implementing a new IPv6 protocol, however, the pace of implementation is not satisfactory. On January 1st, 2010, there were used about 2.9 billion addresses. At the current growth rate of the service of 200 million new addresses a year, the reserve will last for a few years only.
The pace of adapting the Internet to transmit multimedia is much quicker. HTML5, a new language for writing web applications and providing better support for multimedia, is now at an advanced stage of implementation. Its application on YouTube by Google is a major step to ensure a wide popularity.
A spectacular step towards multimedia Internet was the announcement of a new open video format - WebM - on May 19, 2010. This means free of charge access to the video format for manufacturers, developers, and consumers. WebM is a new open-source project sponsored by Google. Among the organizations and companies supporting the new format are: Mozilla, Opera, Adobe, Open Handset Alliance (Android), Skype, AMD, nVidia, Logitech, Texas Instruments, Freescale Semiconductor, Broadcom. As this project is piloted by Google and supported by largest software and hardware players, its success is almost guaranteed.
However, it is worth noting opposition to the new format from Apple, and reticence on the part of Microsoft. The strong determination of Google to implement the new format is connected with the leading project of the company - Google TV (TM).
Unfortunately, some issues related to video transmission will be resolved only with the launch of IPv6, the most important among them being the problem of Quality of Service (QoS).
Regardless of the finalization of the WebM project led by Google, we hope that eventually we will see standardization of audio/video transmissions, to avoid the troublesome searches for codecs on the Internet.
Google does not need to make a profit on WebM, since it provides a lot of services. Modern hardware and software solutions will improve its ability to reach a larger number of users.
In the photo - presentation of the camera and car for taking pictures for Street View function.
Audio/video format is the way to transmit multimedia files (it ensures audio/video data compression, content storage, synchronization of audio and video). One may call it a "car carrying multimedia on the highway of the Internet".

WebM - the new video format is based on:

  • Matroska (multimedia container - a file format that can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture, and subtitle tracks inside a single file),
  • VP8 - a royalty-free video codec,
  • Vorbis - a royalty-free audio codec.
Matroska Multimedia Container - in the assumption of developers it should create a modern, platform-independent audio/video format - as an alternative to existing licensed containers, such as AVI, ASF, MOV, RM, MP4, MPG.
Video codec - currently the most popular and effective (the ratio of the image quality to file size) is H.264. The WebM format utilizes the VP8 codec acquired by Google in February 2010 by buying from On2 Technologies. Popularization of the new codec can bring about major changes in all areas of TV technology, including CCTV.
Audio codec - in the leading position is MP3, but WebM uses Vorbis.

YouTube has made it possible to watch movies in WebM beta standard. All the videos with the quality of 720p or better and uploaded to YouTube are available in the .webm format based on HTML5. In order to watch videos in the new format, the user should install the latest version of Opera, Firefox or Chrome (unfortunately, still available in beta versions) and enter the https://youtube.com/html5 site - it does not require any plugins such as Multimedia Flash Player.

The start of the "Engagingly about Antennas" contest.

We invite you to send your pictures to the "Engagingly about Antennas" contest.
The entries can be sent until September 30, 2010. The winners of the competition and their works will be presented in DIPOL Weekly Review on October 4, 2010.
The photos will be adjudicated by well known photographer from Krakow, Mr. Pawel Zechenter.
The prize for the first place is DVB-S/T Ferguson Ariva HD combo receiver A99381.
Below - the first pictures sent for this contest.
Engagingly about Antennas - IX DIPOL Holiday Photo Contest 2010
Engagingly about Antennas - IX DIPOL Holiday Photo Contest 2010
Engagingly about Antennas - IX DIPOL Holiday Photo Contest 2010
Pigeons on the air
Piotr Adamczyk
Krzysztof Maj
Maciej Klimowicz
In accordance with the information in the latest issue, the "Chameleon mug" goes to Mr. Krzysztof Maj - the competitor who sent the first entry on June 1.

TERRA multiswitches save the situation.

One of installers in Wroclaw undertook the installation of terrestrial and satellite TV signal distribution system in a housing development consisting of several multi-family residential buildings. A complicated topology associated with the requirements of the developer allowed to take into account only first-class devices.
The location of the houses is shown below. The whole SMATV system should provide signals to 320 outlets, in the following division:
  • 6 buildings - 48 outlets
  • 1 building - 32 outlets
The layout of the buildings that have been connected with coaxial cables
After preliminary analysis and selection of the equipment, the installer used SatNet2.2 program to complete the project. This utility enabled him to analyze signal levels in all outlets.
SatNet2.2 program allowed to develop the installation design. Using this free application, the designer saved a lot of time. Green color on the outlets means that the levels meet the appropriate standards.
The basis for proper implementation of the project was the division of the whole installation into 4 subnets. Each of the three subnets contained two buildings (96 outlets), and the fourth subnet covered one building (32 outlets). The antennas were placed on the building in the center of the settlement. The building also housed SA-501 R70501 amplifier for 5-input multiswitches and HA-126 R82303 house amplifier increasing the level of terrestrial TV signals.
Since the distribution network in each building began in the cellar, the place was naturally suitable for installing two MSV-524 R70724 multiswitches and distributing the signals in a star topology. During the design procedure it was necessary to incorporate additional amplifier in the northernmost building (SA-511 R70511 ) in order to ensure adequate levels of satellite signals in all outlets.
Here is the list of the equipment used in this installation:
Name/model SA-501 SA-511 MSV-524 MSV-532 SS-504 SS-510
Code R70501 R70511 R70724 R70732 R70515 R70516
Quantity 1 1 12 1 6 3
ACTi - a video surveillance system in Switzerland. HANTAG Handels AG company was founded by brothers Peter and Stefan Tanno in 1994. The company mainly distributes tires - from Michelin, Continental, and Goodyear. With the fast expansion of the company, the necessary investment was an effective surveillance system, in order to monitor the stock and headquarters office.
ACM-4201 K1514 camera in a stockroom of HANTAG Handels AG
Two outdoor megapixel cameras with IR illuminators (ACM-1231 K1511 ) allow to monitor tire yards and ensure supervision over people around the area. Three IP megapixel cameras ACM-5611 K1512 have been installed in the delivery and loading area, to monitor the trucks. Their megapixel resolution along with day and night function allows to clearly read the license plates even at night time.
The rooms inside building are monitored with IP cameras ACM-4201 K1514. High resolution (1280 x 1024 pixels), two-way audio transmission and motion detection are ideal features for effective surveillance of the headquarters.
Overall architecture of the video monitoring system
The entire video surveillance system has been integrated with the existing company's LAN without an additional cabling. The supervision, local and remote management over the cameras, and recording of the surveillance data have been based on the NUUO K3108 software (license for 8 channels).

A portable CCTV system.

Spring and summer are the seasons which hold a variety of outdoor events. Such events are more susceptible to various incidents and dangerous situations than in the case of indoor events in specially dedicated places, and therefore have to be under special supervision of the police and municipal guards.
The solution to the problem of safety at outdoor events is a "portable CCTV system." The set is simple to install, thanks to the use of equipment for wireless transmission from CAMSAT company. The set is an ideal complement to a city monitoring system and can be used many times for securing various events.
Wireless A/V Transmission System: TCO5807h 5.8GHz (outdoor, 2km)Outdoor Camera Housing: Marathon MH-806/12Wireless A/V Transmission System: TCO5807h 5.8GHz (outdoor, 2km)Speed Dome Camera: C4399/FCB-EX1010PWireless A/V Transmission System: TCO5807h 5.8GHz (outdoor, 2km)Outdoor Camera Housing: Marathon MH-806/12Wireless A/V Transmission System: TCO5807h 5.8GHz (outdoor, 2km)Wireless A/V Transmission System: TCO5807h 5.8GHz (outdoor, 2km)Wireless A/V Transmission System: TCO5807h 5.8GHz (outdoor, 2km)Professional CCTV Monitor: SAMSUNG SMT-1922P (19Network DVR: HIKVISION/ULTIMAX DS-8108HFI-S H.264 (8-ch.)
A set of devices for a mobile CCTV system
For such mobile CCTV system DIPOL recommends analog cameras Sunell 586C/B M11208 equipped with Wide Dynamic (Pixim) image sensors and mechanically switching IR filters. They cooperate very well with Tokina lenses 2.7-12 mm M2315 and can be put into Marathon housings.
The key point of the video surveillance system is a speed dome PTZ camera e.g. C4399/FCB-EX1010P M12291. Live monitoring and video recording is performed with ULTIMAX/HikVision DVR - M78080. Video signals from the cameras are transmitted wirelessly using the devices CAMSAT M1559. The PTZ functions of the speed dome camera are controlled via wireless CAMSAT telemetry data module.

ULTICAM IP cameras in Scandinavian trade network.

Kiwi Mini Pris discount stores in Denmark have installed DS-852MF-E K1441 megapixel security cameras, also known in Europe as ULTICAM.
Kiwi Mini Pris is a chain of discount supermarkets based on franchise agreements, which has over 500 retail outlets in Denmark and Norway. The investor required to use IP network cameras, accessible via the Internet. High resolution images should provide maximum protection against shoplifting and shrinkage.
The DS-852MF-E K1441 camera employs H.264 compression. The hardware compression is performed by Texas Instruments DaVinci processor providing two digital video streams. HD720p resolution (1280x720) in combination with additional features such as e-PTZ, make the camera an excellent, compact and highly functional element of professional surveillance system.
The Pris Mini Kiwi chain of discount stores is one of the largest trade networks in Denmark and Norway
The integrator of the system - Checkpoint Systems Inc. - is a company dedicated to security solutions for large stores and supermarket chains. The company has chosen devices that meet the client needs. The cameras have been installed in places highly vulnerable to shoplifting, such as alcohol displays and aisles between shelves with small items. All checkouts are monitored as well, to ensure the safety of the staff and to deter potential fraudsters. Another requirement was to provide video surveillance over back-up facilities and delivery areas. At night the areas are empty, so the recording is triggered by motion detection.
Each store manager has access to the images from his/her store by logging into a camera, using a web browser or iVMS4000 client software.
Not without significance is the competitive price of these cameras - one store, with size between 300 and 1000 square meters, needs from 12 to 20 such cameras.

VoIP 19 miles from the coast!

Since the termination of NMT service (analog cellular phone system belonging to the family of the first-generation mobile telephony systems), fishermen working on board fishing vessels have lost the possibility of telephone communication with the mainland. GSM coverage is relatively small and the communication is possible only in the immediate vicinity of the coast. The solution is to install a satellite phone, but its cost is too high for most boat owners.
The problem has been solved by RCS, a Polish ICT company, with the use of TRANS-DATA CDMA DZ10.2 A742020 antenna. Application of the antenna greatly increases the usable area of CDMA service (450 MHz) which allows access to the Internet.
The antenna is connected to a CDMA router with VoIP gateway. The tests showed that it is possible to achieve smooth two-way voice communication over the phone even at a distance of 19 miles (35 km) from shore.
The first tests were carried out on Wolin island where there are extremely weak CDMA signal conditions. After installation of the antenna, the parameters of the network connection were so good that it was possible to hold phone conversations using VoIP.
Currently the RCS Mariusz Rynski company is installing TRANS-DATA CDMA DZ10.2 A742020 antennas on several cutters, as well as provides remote guest houses and businesses with Internet access.
This solution has been applied in Kolobrzeg, Jastarnia and in smaller towns and villages so far without Internet access.
A742020 antenna
on a cutter from Jastarnia
A742020 antenna
on a cutter from Kolobrzeg
A742020 antenna
in Wolin island
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Can you find another such camera? - 550 TVL, SONY Super HAD II CCD, 2.8-12 mm lens. High quality SONY Super HAD II sensor, 550 TVL, 0.01 lx, and a very attractive price - make CAM 508 camera ( M10738 ) a market hit.
The camera comes with Korean built-in lens with adjustable focal length from 2.8 to 12 mm, which is very suitable to obtain the optimum field of view. The viewing angle can be changed from 87 to to 16 degrees ...

Quick adapter to DC 2.1/5.5 power connector and professional compression BNC connector. S-55 quick adapter ( E3511 ) and BNC connector E8282 are indispensable accessories for professional installers of CCTV systems.
The quick adapter ensures easy and stable connection of power cable to any CCTV camera. To mount the plug, the installer should strip the wires, push them into terminals and tighten the two screws with a screwdriver ...
BNC connector Platinum and S-55 quick adapter on CAMSET CCTV cable - Installing
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