Nr. 24/2023 (14 Iunie 2023)

Lansarea unor canale noi de televiziune pentru sateliții Hot Bird 13F și Hot Bird 13G.

În ultima săptămână din mai 2023, Eutelsat a început să mute serviciile de televiziune și radio de la cei trei vechi sateliți Hot Bird 13B, C și E la cei doi sateliți de nouă generație Hot Bird 13F și Hot Bird 13G. Procesul de migrare a tuturor serviciilor va dura până la sfârșitul lunii iulie. Din fericire, proprietarii de receptoare de satelit nu vor trebui să facă nicio ajustare. Frecvențele existente precum și ceilalți parametri ai serviciilor vor rămâne aceleași. În cazul pierderii semnalului, poate fi necesar ca sistemul curent să fie verificat de către un instalator. Rolul principal al noilor sateliți este de a amplifica și îmbunătăți calitatea transmisiei a peste o mie de canale radio și TV (inclusiv transmisii TV 4K de înaltă definiție) livrate către case din Europa, Africa de Nord și Orientul Mijlociu.
The strongest signals from the modern Hot Bird 13F and 13G satellites will reach France and Italy. In Poland, on the other hand, where the vast majority of households use pay-TV from Polish operators, the signal should be stronger than at present. Signals from Hot Bird 13F and 13G will cover an area from the Canary Islands to Afghanistan. However, larger diameter dishes are required in the most remote locations.
The Hot Bird 13F and 13G satellites were launched last year. US space operator SpaceX launched the Eutelsat Hotbird 13G satellite into geostationary orbit using a Falcon 9 rocket. It took off from Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA, on November 3. Hot Bird 13F, on the other hand, was launched in October 2022. The existing satellites (operating since 2006 and 2008) will be used to provide temporary additional capacity wherever it is required, until the fuel is exhausted.

The Eutelsat HOTBIRD 13F mission completed by SpaceX. The Falcon 9 rocket reached a speed of 35,000 km/h. The HB 13F satellite was detached at an altitude of about 1,100 kilometers, after which it already autonomously moved to its proper geostationary orbit, at an altitude of 35786 kilometers.

Changing the call forwarding time in Hikvision IP video intercom monitors.

In the Hikvision IP video door entry system, it is possible to forward the call of the caller from the external door station, directly to the application installed on the smartphone. For this to be possible, you need to create a Hik-Connect account, add the video door phone to the account, install the Hik-Connect application on your smartphone and log in to the account. Add the video intercom monitor to the account, through which the connection with the door station will be made (if you have a Villa-type single-subscriber station, it is possible to add the door station itself to the Hik-Connect cloud directly). Once the Hik-Connect service is enabled and properly configured, pressing the call button on the door station will trigger a call on both the monitor and the smartphone with the app installed. By default, the call forwarding time on the monitor is set to "0 s", which means that if you press the call button on the door station, the monitor and the smartphone app will ring at the same time. If this time is changed, for example, to "10 s", if the tenant does not answer the call within 10 s, only then will the call be forwarded to the app. To change this time from the iVMS-4200 level, after entering the door station settings, go to the tab: Intercom -> Time Parameters -> Call Forwarding time.
View of the window for changing the call forwarding time in the DS-KH8350-WTE1 G74003 monitor using iVMS-4200 application.

DIPOL SMART HORIZON DVB-T2 antenna – reception parameters proven by field tests.

An ideal antenna is the one that has high gain, optimal directivity, relatively small size, and will not require additional power supply. To meet the needs of consumers and installers, DIPOL has introduced SMART series antennas, which have been optimized for the above requirements.

The DIPOL SMART HORIZON antenna A2230 underwent a number of field tests, including analysis of performance within a range of 10 to 100 km from a 100 kW transmitter. The tests included measurements in locations with different density of buildings, as well as comparative tests with other DVB-T2 antennas available on the market. The tests showed that the antenna is at the forefront in terms of reception capabilities. Without any major problems, it was possible to receive DVB-T signals at a distance of 94 km from the transmitter (100 kW, low UHF band, terrain profile without any obstacles along the route), with signal strength in passive mode of the antenna averaging 50 dBμV for 3 channels, and the MER value averaging 30 dB. These values should be considered sufficient for reception by 1 receiver. In the case of a larger installation, the active mode should be used, which increases the signal power by 15-20 dB, and the MER value by 2-3 dB.

Switches for pole installation.

Industrial switches are designed for systems in industrial facilities where adverse conditions such as increased dust, high or low temperature, or high humidity are possible. Installation of industrial switches is also recommended for overhead cabling on poles or in cable chambers, with the use of sealed enclosures. The Ultipower switches have Ethernet ports (Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet depending on the model) for connecting of such devices as IP cameras or PCs. The enclosure meets the IP40 standard (protection against access to hazardous parts, protection against foreign solids over 1 mm in diameter). All ports support PoE (the switch has to be powered with 48 VDC). The switches are equipped with an SFP port to convert the transmission medium to optical fiber.
The devices also have the following additional functions:
  • Extended function that enables powering devices connected with twisted pair with a length of up to 250 m,
  • PoE Auto Check automatically performs current restart of the connected device in the event of hanging.
  • HiPoE 90 W support for ports 1 and 2 (N299704 switch only),
  • PD function enables the switch to be powered via Ethernet port (N299707 switch only).
Switch PoE industrial PoE ULTIPOWER 152SFP 802.3af/at (5xRJ45 incl. 4xPoE FE, 2xSFP 100M, Extended, VLAN, PoE Auto Check)
In the example above, the switches have been installed in sealed boxes on poles. IP cameras have been connected to the switches and powered via PoE (48V 802.3af). Between the poles, optical fiber (single-mode fiber terminated with LC connectors and SFP inserts) cables are laid to create a network consisting of five cameras and an IP camera recorder (NVR). Application of industrial switches increases the reliability of such a system as they are more resistant to surges and harsh weather conditions. Moreover, the fiber optic cable between two poles effectively electrically isolates two locations of camera points.

Digital Diagnostic Monitoring, i.e. performance monitoring of SFP inserts.

DDM, or Digital Diagnostics Monitoring, is a set of functions that allows you to monitor the operation of fiber SFP modules in network switches. When a DDM-enabled insert is placed in a switch it gains access to the following insert performance parameters:

  • SFP module temperature,
  • Power supply voltage,
  • Laser/diode supply current,
  • Transmit power on Tx port,
  • Receive power on Rx port.
Moreover, depending on the implementation of the protocol in the switch itself, it is possible to display messages on the transmission problems and total loss of signal. DDM in connection with SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) allows more efficient network management and monitoring of its parameters at physical layer level. It is possible, among other things, due to possibility of defining alarm levels for individual parameters.
View of the DDM data window in the TP-Link TL-SG3428X switch with Ultimode L1430 SFP+ insert

Produse noi în oferta Dipol

Thick-walled ground optical fibre protection tube 12/8 [200 m] E60812 E60812 in orange color is made of polyethylene (modified HDPE) and is designed for direct underground installation. The inner diameter of 8 mm and the pilot inside allow optical fibre cables, twisted pair cables, coaxial cables, electrical cables, etc. to be laid inside the tube. The inner surface of the wall is smooth, with a friction coefficient of 0.12.
Straight connector for micro-tube 12/8mm E60813 for the purpose of connecting micro-tubes with an outer diameter of 12 mm and inner diameter of 8 mm. The product is designed for outdoor use – it is weatherproof and gas tight. Resistance to pressure of 18 bar.

The Hikvision DS-2CD2343G2-I K01313 ceiling-mounted IP camera is part of the EasyIP 2.0 Plus Series, which implements AcuSense technology based on the Deep Learning algorithm. It is equipped with a 4 MP and 1/3” CMOS sensor and an IR illuminator based on EXIR technology with a range up to 30 m to ensure proper visibility in low-light conditions.

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Fibre optics – why is measurement at 1310 nm not enough? The figures below show the results of a reflectometric measurement of a 150 m section of fibre optic cable connected to a runner of the same length. The measurement was performed for the 1310 nm wavelength – here the measurement showed no anomalies, and for the 1550 nm wavelength – here increased attenuation was noted at 75 metres (225 metres including the run-up fibre)...>>>more
Reflectogram 150 m + 150 m – wavelengths 1310 nm and 1550 nm. For the 1550 nm wavelength, fibre bending is visible.
DVB-T2 HEVC terrestrial TV receivers