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No. 24/2019 (June 17, 2019)

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Starlink will provide Internet from outer space.

SpaceX, American space industry company founded in 2002 by Elon Musk, started the implementation of the Starlink project, which aims to provide the Internet from space. On May 23, 2019, the Falcon 9 re-launching rocket took off from the Air Force base at Cape Canaveral, Florida, carrying 60 Starlink satellites into an Earth orbit. Ultimately, the number of orbiting satellites is to exceed 12,000, creating two satellite constellations.
A single Starlink satellite has several broadband antennas and a solar panel for powering the whole device, as well as a system for navigating in space. For orbital maneuvers it uses a Hall-effect thruster with krypton propeller. The satellites have been designed so that after five years, i.e. after the estimated period of work and the exchange for new ones, they will independently enter the atmosphere and burn completely without causing a threat to the Earth.
A coverage of launching 60 Starlink satellites into space
by the Falcon 9 rocket
The main purpose of the Starlink project is to provide access to broadband Internet around the world, even where it is currently impossible. The satellites will be arranged in two groups. The first one, with 4409 units, at an altitude of 550 km – 1325 km above the Earth, the second, with 7518 units, slightly lower, at a distance of 335 km – 346 km above the Earth. By placing the satellites in the lower orbit, the delays will be minimized to 15 ms. If the plan of Elon Musk is successful, in many areas it may mean an interesting alternative and competition for the 5G network.

Award for DIPOL from TERRA.

TERRA company, a Lithuanian producer of SMATV devices and equipment, has honored DIPOL company with diploma of merit for excellent sales results in 2018, admitting that DIPOL once again is at the forefront of European distributors.

The unwavering popularity of TERRA products among Polish customers is the result of high quality of these devices and the combined technical support offered by DIPOL. The fruitful cooperation of these two companies has been going on for more than two decades.

TERRA is one of the largest manufacturers of specialized equipment for receiving and distributing satellite, cable and terrestrial TV signals in Europe.

DIPOL's photo competition is in progress.

Holiday time is a period of increased photographic activity. Why not use the time for directing your lens towards roofs, balconies and hills (with some kind of antenna;)?
Engagingly about Antennas - 18th DIPOL's Summer Holiday Contest 2019
We invite everyone accepting our regulations to take part in the eighteenth edition of the photo contest. The awards for the most beautiful photos of antennas will be attractive Manfrotto accessories! We wait for your works till September 27. More info on the contest and the regulations are available here.

Single-cable TERRA dSCR multiswitches – Unicable technology.

The dSCR series of multiswitches from TERRA employs single-cable technology (Unicable) that allows for distribution of DVB-S/S2, DVB-T, DAB and FM signals via single coaxial cable. The dSCR acronym means digital Satellite Cable Router, sometimes called channel stacking switch, which converts the received satellite signals to so-called user bands (UBs) that can be received by the connected receivers compliant with the technology. The converted transponders are combined and sent via the single coaxial cable to all the receivers. The communication between the dSCR multiswitch and the receivers uses special protocol defined in the EN50494 (Unicable I) and/or EN50607 (Unicable II) standard, with DiSEqC commands.
The biggest advantage of the single-cable system, along with simpler installation of the cabling, is the ability to easily split the signals, similarly to terrestrial TV/radio signals. This also means the possibility to adapt installations distributing terrestrial television signals to the reception and distribution of satellite channels (the number of users connected to one dSCR multiswitch is limited by its characteristics).
UHF TV Antenna: DIPOL 44/21-60 Tri DigitDAB / DVB-T Antenna: DIPOL-4/5-128-way SAT / TV / FM Splitter 1>8 Signal4-way SAT/TV/FM Splitter: Signal 1>4FSingle-cable Cascadable dSCR Multiswitch: Terra SRM-522 (950...2150MHz/290...2340MHz, class A, passive terr. TV path)Antenna Amplifier TERRA AB007 (10-17dB, DC pass, Digital SCR)Power Supply ZS300 (12V/300mA, with SDC2 power injector for TV antenna amplifiers)Single-cable Cascadable dSCR Multiswitch: Terra SRM-522 (950...2150MHz/290...2340MHz, class A, passive terr. TV path)Switching Power Supply Terra PS202F (20V 2A, Digital SCR)Satellite Dish INVERTO IDLB-STCF 120cm (light color)Outdoor Antenna Amplifier TERRA MX-062 (FM+VHF & 2xUHF, 30/34dB) Universal QUATRO LNB: Inverto HOME Pro 0.3dB
The diagram shows an example installation based on TERRA dSCR
cascadable single cable multiswitches SRM-522 R80522
By default, the SRM522 R80522 multiswitch is configured in dynamic mode, with dSCR OUT operating as Unicable port and Legacy OUT as universal (legacy) port that switches into Unicable mode after receiving DiSEqC command from a receiver/STB (compliant with EN50494 or EN50607 standard). It means that each of the two outputs of the multiswitch can independently feed up to 16 receivers (in the EN50607 standard).
An example of configuring a satellite receiver supporting Unicable/dSCR technology

Splicing optical fibers with Signal Fire AI-8 in a small server room.

Signal Fire AI-8 L5870 fusion splicer is used by a growing number of installers. Below we show an example of using the splicer is a small server room. The task was to terminate eight fibers of the L73008 universal cable with LC L3525 pigtails and protect the FO connections in the ULTIMODE TB-04H L5304 installation box.
Signal Fire AI-8 at the workplace in the small server room
Signal Fire AI-8 L5870 employs core alignment technology (there is option of cladding alignment) that ensures minimum attenuation of the splices. Fiber ends are positioned by 6 stepper motors from Siemens, which is an absolute exception in this price category. The splicer can be used both for deployment of hundred-kilometer-long fiber optic trunks and in FTTH systems requiring short point-to-point connections, in LAN installations and fiber-based video surveillance systems. The AI-8 model is controlled by a quad-core processor providing fast response times (the splicer is ready to work after 3 seconds) and ensuring short splicing and sleeve heating operations. The splicer is one of the fastest devices of its kind currently available on the market and the fastest in its price class.
Fusion Splicer: Signal Fire AI-8 (with toolbox and tools)
The key features of the fusion splicer and basic operations are presented in the video. More detailed information on the Signal Fire A-8 splicer and a description of the first steps can be found in the article Signal Fire AI-8 - how to begin fusion splicing?.

Queue management at supermarket checkouts.

Appropriate management of queues at supermarket checkouts is extremely important both from the point of view of the customers and the store. It minimizes the waiting time and optimizes the use of checkout points. The DS-2CD7126G0/L-IZS camera from the Hinvision's DeepinView series has a queue management function and can be used to implement this type of projects. After logging in to the camera, the administrator can set up the zone in which the analysis will be performed. During camera configuration it is necessary to specify the maximum number of people who can wait in the defined zone. When the number is exceeded, the alarm event can trigger e.g. sending an email notification or message to the iVMS-4200 monitoring center to inform the staff. In addition, the camera can create statistics that can be used for further analysis.
PoE Switch: ULTIPOWER 0064afat (65W, 6xRJ45 incl. 4xPoE 802.3af/at)
Queue management at supermarket checkouts with the use of DS-2CD7126G0/L-IZS cameras.
After the number of people in a zone exceeds a threshold, the camera notifies the staff.
In the above diagram, the store has three checkout points. When the number of people in the queue to a given checkout exceeds the programmed value, the corresponding camera sends notification signaling the necessity to open another checkout.
The Hikvision DS-2CD7126G0/L-IZS camera with queue management function is available on request.

Distribution of surveillance video to multiple monitors/TVs, with control of the NVR via USB.

The application of the Signal HD H3613 HDMI to IP converter enables the user to send HD video from the HDMI output of an NVR to an HDMI-enabled monitor/television via a UTP cable. USB ports in the transmitter and receiver units allow for remote control of the NVR from the location of the monitor/television.
HDMI to IP Converter: Signal HD (with USB extender)HDMI to IP Converter: Signal HD (receiver with USB extender)
An application of the H3613 HDMI > IP converter/extender set and additional two H3613R receivers
(point-to-multipoint configuration with an Ethernet switch, the NVR can be controlled remotely by a mouse )
The IP signal coming from the transmitter of the H3613 set may be applied to an Ethernet switch to split it among multiple receivers. The bit rate of the compressed signal at the output of the transmitter is about 15 Mbps. The output signals can be properly decoded only by the dedicated H3613R receivers. The maximum theoretical number of the H3613R receivers and connected televisions/monitors is 253.

Integration of 1080p video monitoring with TV antenna system.

On the occasion of designing new or modernizing existing video surveillance and S/MATV antenna systems in a building, it is worth to combine the both systems, i.e. provide the possibility of viewing the images from security cameras on television channel(s). High resolution 1080p CCTV video can be converted into a selected DVB-T RF channel by an HDMI->DVB-T digital modulator. The channel, usually modulated by the signal from the HDMI output of a DVR/NVR, can be received by every television connected to the antenna system. The image can contain the preview of video from all cameras (screen division), or a cyclically changing preview of individual cameras.
Much greater possibilities are provided by a transmodulator, e.g. TERRA mix-440 R81611. The transmodulator receives RTSP stream generated by all IP cameras, as well as available from each channel of Hikvision DVR/NVR. Mix-440 can receive RTSP streams from 12 cameras and convert them into 4 neighboring DVB-T multiplexes (total bit rate up to 200 Mbps). The video from each camera is available on a different channel. The programming of the mix-440 R81611 panel is performed via a web browser (no need for a programmer).
Professional VHF and UHF DVB-T Antenna Set (H/V): DIPOL 28/5-12/21-60FM Antenna: Dipol 1RUZ PM B (omnidirectional H+V)Steel Satellite Dish: TRIAX 80 TD (dark gray)Universal QUATRO LNB: Inverto HOME Pro 0.3dBHD-TVI TURBO HD 3.0 Camera: Hikvision DS-2CE56D0T-IRM (ceiling, 1080p, 2.8mm, 0.01 lx, IR up 20m)1-12/21-69 Antenna Diplexer - ZA 6IP to 4x DVB-T (COFDM) Transmodulator: TERRA mix-440 (100/1000Mbps, USB port)2-Way TV/FM Splitter: Signal R-25/8 Multiswitch: Terra MR-508 (active terrestrial path, class A)Subscriber Terminal Outlet: Signal R-TV-SATMulti-system Compact Camera: Hikvision DS-2CE16D0T-IRF (HD-TVI/AHD/HD-CVI/CVBS, 1080p, 2.8mm, 0.01 lx, IR up to 20m)HD-TVI TURBO HD 4.0 DVR: Hikvision DS-7208HQHI-K2/P (8ch, 1080p@15fps, H.265, HDMI, VGA, PoC)
A small SMATV system (TV/SAT/Radio) providing preview of 12 cameras on individual channels,
available on all televisions connected to the outlets

New products offered by DIPOL

Compact IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2T55FWD-I8 (5MP, 4mm, 0.01 lx, IR up to 80m, WDR, H.265/H.264)
Compact IP Camera: Hikvision DS-2CD2T55FWD-I8 K17827 is dedicated for professional IP CCTV systems. The compact camera has been equipped with high quality 5 MP 1/2.9" CMOS sensor providing perfect video coverage even in low-light conditions. Along with IR illuminator with range up to 80 m, the camera can also operate in complete darkness. The built-in 4 mm lens has 63.5° viewing angle. The IP67-rated housing of the camera protects the electronics against adverse weather conditions. The camera can be powered conventionally with a 12 VDC source or with the use of PoE option (802.3af).
4K IP NVR: Hikvision DS-7608NXI-I2/4S (8ch, 80Mbps, 2xSATA, 4xAcuSense, Alarm IN/OUT, VGA, HDMI, BNC, H.265)
4K IP NVR Hikvision DS-7608NXI-I2/4S K22092 is a modern IP network video recorder capable of monitoring, recording and playing back images from 8 IP cameras of megapixel resolutions, up to 12 MP. Its independent VGA (up to 1080p) and HDMI (up to 4K) monitor outputs can provide images with different layouts. Each monitor can display the video from any camera, in any screen division. Two SATA ports enable the user to install 2 hard drives, each with capacity up to 8 TB. Built-in USB ports allow for connecting external memory sticks or disk drives in order to copy some files.
IP PTZ Camera: Hikvision DS-2DE7225IW-AE (2MP, 25x optical zoom: 4.8-120mm, IR up to 150m, Hi-PoE)
IP PTZ Camera Hikvision DS-2DE7225IW-AE K17915 has been equipped with high quality 2 MP (1920x1080) image sensor operating at frame rate up to 50 fps. The camera provides three independently configured data streams and can use several video compression methods: H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264/MJPEG. Thanks to day and night modes, the camera very well renders colors in daylight and fully makes use of its high sensitivity at night. The built-in IR illuminator with a range of up to 150 m has Smart IR function that protects against overexposure.

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Control of entrance gate via Hikvision Villa IP video door station. IP Villa gate/door stations have relay output that can control a door/gate with electric strike. Often, however, there is a situation in which the owner requires the control of the entrance gate... >>>more
Block diagram of an IP video door system that controls the entrance gate
Signal Fire AI-8 fusion splicer